The Pendulum Swings

The debates have exposed the radical progressive agenda as a losing proposition bereft of ideas where President Obama is unable to articulate a credible defense of his failures and Vice President Biden is only able to spout distortions and interruptions with a snarky and condescending grin. 

President Obama stood before America during the first debate with his head down as Mitt Romney respectfully catalogued the failures of his administration in presiding over abysmal domestic and foreign policy failures. President Obama has spent some $7 trillion of money America did not have and has absolutely nothing to show for the effort. He has run trillion-dollar deficits the last four years, rammed the much-hated Affordable Care Act through his Democrat-controlled Congress, violated the Constitution by refusing to deport illegal immigrants, ruled by Executive Order to bypass the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, weakened America overseas by apologizing for American actions in the Mideast, put soldiers at risk by emaciating the defense budget, and heightened racial tensions by constantly reverting to his community-organizer roots formulated through twenty years of attendance at Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s black liberation theology church. His promise of unemployment falling below 6% if the $850 billion stimulus package were passed never materialized, and America has remained mired in unemployment at real rates upward of 20% when the underemployed and workforce dropouts are taken into consideration. There wasn’t much for which President Obama could assume his superiority pose of holding his head high and jutting his chin out.

About 70 million Americans tuned into the debates to size up the alternative, and they noticed the difference in the attitudes of both candidates. Romney looked presidential, sober, reasonable, and nothing like the caricatures portrayed in Democrat attack ads meant to define him in voters’ minds as a scary individual. Obama looked like the guilty kid called to the office to answer for something he’d been caught at and making excuses for why it wasn’t his fault. Americans did indeed notice the difference and the polls have reflected this as momentum has swung towards Romney. Even the most biased of liberal media commentators admitted that Romney had won the debate outright, and many became upset and agitated at the poor performance of their candidate to the point that their liberal bias was on complete display in case there was ever any doubt.

The Vice Presidential Debate was supposed to arrest this shift in momentum by having Joe Biden in full attack mode against Paul Ryan. Instead, Biden constantly interrupted Ryan with charges that Ryan’s points weren’t accurate while constantly shaking his head, grinning wildly, and making facial expressions in a show of complete disrespect for his opponent. Biden was unable to defend Obama’s record in office and resorted to emotional appeals to seniors, outright fabrications and distortions, and bullying to portray Ryan negatively. Ryan respectfully endured these childish tactics and made his points when allowed. Joe Biden proved once again that he is the slimiest politician in Washington willing to do or say anything to get elected. His debate performance proved why he was selected as Obama’s running mate by the Chicago thugs as he is probably the most qualified outside of Chicago in the use of their scorched-earth political tactics.

Having endured the wrath of biased media commentators for his poor debate performance, Obama has vowed to come out swinging during the next two debates, but he risks alienating Americans further by overcompensating for his poor performance in the first debate by being too cutthroat. Unable to run on his abominable record, he has no alternative but to repeat the themes of his attack ads attempting to characterize Romney in the minds of voters. These outlandish ads have portrayed Romney as nothing short of the antichrist, and Romney’s calm and reasonable demeanor easily put the lie to this mischaracterization. Desperation has a way of being magnified to those witnessing one caught in its grip as he struggles to free himself from its clutches. It will be interesting to watch Obama struggle to control his narcissistic temper as Romney further exposes him for the fraud that he is. At the end of the day, it’s not Americans who are unable to comprehend the genius of Obama’s policies, but the inability of Obama to comprehend that he is no genius and that his policies are total failures.

As momentum continues to shift to Romney, it will also be interesting to watch increasingly uncomfortable administration officials who realize that a Romney Administration will bring investigations into their criminal behavior effectively concealed under Attorney General Eric Holder. Evidence has been uncovered that the Obama Administration was using Fast & Furious as a cover operation to supply weapons to the Sinaloa drug cartel to assist them in becoming the dominant Mexican drug cartel. New evidence has surfaced this week in the form of leaked emails hinting that the Obama Administration has been secretly working with the Sinaloa cartel to allow drug shipments into the US and even the sanctioning of cartel hit squads to operate in America. If these allegations are true, then many are going to jail for a very long time if this is properly investigated under a Romney Administration.

There are a number of whistleblowers at the ATF leaking information to Darrell Issa’s congressional investigators as they examine the Fast & Furious scandal and demand answers from AG Holder. Whistleblowers are starting to emerge at the State Department to counter the fabricated administration narrative on the fatal Benghazi Embassy attack that claimed the lives of four Americans as career officials are being thrown under the bus to protect administration officials. These increasingly emboldened whistleblowers are coming out of the woodwork not only to protect themselves, but to set the record straight as they are aghast at the clearly illegal and unethical actions of Obama Administration officials.

Finally, I expect to see a few members of the biased media turn on Obama as his cause increasingly appears to be lost in a bid to avoid the looming unemployment that awaits them on Obama’s exit from office. They will rediscover the fact that they are journalists and begin asking the tough questions they’ve refused to ask for the last five years in an effort to appear unbiased and uncompromising. Those more committed to ideology than employment will continue to flack for the Democrats and go down with their ship. Comfortably secure in their wealth, they can afford to, but those journalists further down the food chain do not enjoy such luxury and will be forced to make a choice as Americans increasingly turn away from such bias and outright support of the radical progressive agenda. This too will be interesting viewing as the media devours its own.

Americans have gotten an up close and personal look at the radical progressive agenda over the last four years, and we don’t like what we see. In fact, it scares the hell out of us as we realize just how far President Obama has run this country into the ground and just how close we are to losing America forever. We look at our children and realize that they will never know the America in which we grew up. They will face the cost of Obama’s profligate spending in decreased opportunity, higher inflation, diminished respect for America, crushing debt, and an increasingly diminished capacity for national defense. Make no mistake, the barbarians will mass at the gates and attempt to destroy the mighty United States thinking it to be the cure for all of their national ills. When that moment comes, will our children and grandchildren be defended or crushed under the onslaught? The Baby Boomers will continue to live well in retirement, but will our children be so blessed? The answers to these questions are exactly why that pendulum is swinging away from Obama and towards Romney. It’s why Romney enjoys surging crowds in less-than ideal locations, and Team Obama can’t pay enough people to appear at his rallies. It’s why people are lining up to vote early in Republican counties, but staying home in Democrat counties. The pendulum is swinging and it’s about damn time!

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One Response to The Pendulum Swings

  1. GothicArch says:

    /the radical leftist agenda of the Obamaites et al will destroy the US or any organized society for the same reason their liberal agenda in the education system is wrecking public schools and a lot of universities. Moral relativism, character destruction of national icons like the Founders, denigration of public institutions which fosters a lack of respect among the citizens (just as it fosters a lack of respect for authority in the schools) and a host of other cancers being injected into eociety by radical liberals is the casuse of all this. We have an instinctive caution when encountering strangers: are they friend or foe? The liberals have beat this out of us, calling us racists and every kind of phobe you can imagine; then foreigners start terrorizing, even shooting up US military bases from within. Classic fifth columnists?
    Well, I and a lot of other people are sick of it. You may be offended by my opinions but tough. You don’t have a right to control me using the government or other means of society to apply organized pressure against me to force me to change my opinions. I am tired of foreigners who come here from pitiful, poorly-run contries, and who proceed to try to wreck ours. I am tired of politicians who suck up to them because ” they have rights”. No, they don’t. Not until they sit down, shut up, become Americans, not just residents of America, and buy into our classic American values. I am sick of convenience stores being run by, who? Hezbollah? Who knows? I call on paintballers: if there is a convenience store in your area run by people of questionable origin or loyalty, hit the sign with a couple of green paintballs. This will be a sign among us to stay away.

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