Leave the UN

The United Nations has morphed from a mechanism where countries could meet to resolve differences and prevent war to a bureaucracy determined to establish itself as a world government and it is time for the United States to leave this body before we completely lose our sovereignty. 

The United Nations arose from the ashes of World War II dedicated to the prevention of wars through diplomacy. Emerging from that terrible war as the world’s superpower and with its resources largely intact, the United States volunteered the location of its headquarters and took on the largest share of its funding by member nations. During the Cold War, the UN played an important part in confining that conflict to conventional flare ups between proxy nations and preventing it from becoming an all out nuclear conflict.

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 which heralded the collapse of the Soviet Union and left America once again as the world’s only superpower, the UN has drifted from its original mission of diplomacy and humanitarian aid to illusions of world government. Through various mechanisms such as the Law of the Sea Treaty, it has gradually encroached upon the sovereignty of member nations, particularly the United States, through the adoption of international laws meant to take precedence over the laws of individual nations. Overriding national sovereignty is a serious matter that has been presented in the most plausible of terms as being in the best interests of every nation to insure fairness in keeping with international standards.

Anytime the word fairness is used in conjunction with the loss of national sovereignty, one should immediately become suspect at the motives of those seeking to subsume that nation’s sovereignty. The UN has devolved into a body whose members seemed to be aligned against the United States and its closest allies. The majority of the treaties it presents arguing for the adoption of international standards, most of which the United States has had little input into their formulation, inevitably involve the loss of American sovereignty in direct conflict with the Constitution which specifically forbids entry into treaties which place American sovereignty under outside control.

One of the UN’s favorite tactics to achieve independence is the constant plea for international taxes to fund its operations. As it stands, UN operations are funded by member nations with the United States funding some 25% of the UN budget along with providing its headquarters building in New York City. As the largest UN benefactor, the United States has the greatest say in its direction which irritates its member body to no end, hence the desire to secure independent funding so as to minimize American control. Also, the revenue generated by the adoption of these international taxes would fund a litany of left wing objectives overwhelmingly aimed at the transfer of wealth from industrialized nations to the Third World.

As one can imagine, the vast majority of these international taxes would fall upon the United States in direct violation of the Constitution. The UN has just opened its latest session of the General Assembly by calling for the adoption of a list of international taxes on financial transactions, mostly in the United States. Given the alignment of most members against the United States, it’s not hard to deduce the popularity of these proposals amongst the representatives.

The UN served an important role in preventing the Cold War from escalating into a nuclear conflict between the diametrically opposed ideologies of the United States and the Soviet Union. The Cold War ended back in 1989 with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union, thus ending the primary reason for the UN’s existence. Since then, the UN has lurched from one scandal to the next as its role in the Iraq Oil for Food program was exposed along with various financial scandals involving misappropriation of funds in various UN Directorates. Its reputation as an international body dedicated to human rights has been tarnished with the elevation of serial human rights abusers such as Iran to its Commission on the Status of Women, and the adoption of numerous resolutions dedicated to the censure of Israel promoted by Arab members.

The devolution of the UN from a prominent international body dedicated to the peaceful resolution of disputes through diplomacy to a bureaucracy positioning itself as a layer of world government seeking to consume national sovereignty is the most powerful argument in favor of our withdrawal to allow it to wither and die on the vine. Nostalgia for its role in the latter half of the last century is not enough to allow it to consume our sovereignty as the out-of-control behemoth it has become. It inches forward in its quest for world control under the auspices of international agreement with the United States as the UN’s most powerful obstacle even as it shuts America out of the process of creating the international agreements it claims for legitimacy. Its bureaucrats seek to tax Americans to fund a UN takeover of world government which will shred our Constitution and place the United States at the mercy of such members as Iran, Saudi Arabia, and our Cold War nemesis Russia.

It is high time the United States ended its relationship with the UN as it no longer resembles its original manifestation and has strayed considerably from its original mandate. The UN now defines its mission as one of control instead of diplomacy. Its primary target is control of the United States, the world’s lone superpower, and it is being assisted in this goal by the radical progressive liberals currently holding power in America. Islamic countries promoting fanatical religious terrorism have been elevated to positions of power and legitimacy within the UN organization even as America fights against the terrorists they sponsor.

Past attempts by American politicians to reassert authority over the UN to arrest this drift have failed and been brushed aside by those more interested in the establishment of a world government than alarmed at the loss of American sovereignty. The UN remains a threat to American sovereignty as long as it exists in its current form, even if the radical progressives lose power in the November election. There is no guarantee that they will never come to power again to fulfill their desire of creating a world government at the expense of the sovereignty of the United States.

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