Islamic Appeasement

President Obama has apologized to the Middle East for America’s existence, bowed before its leaders, and humbled America at every opportunity to a region whose religion respects only power and is dedicated to the subjugation of all nonbelievers, in a bid to appease manufactured grievances which has failed miserably like all attempts at appeasement throughout history. 

Barack Obama campaigned back in 2008 on the promise that he would repair relations with the Middle East and restore America’s standing among the region’s people. He painted a false picture to the electorate of a region who despised America for its arrogance at daring to project power to protect its interests in the area and for its support of leaders whose firm grip on power thwarted democracy and the promotion of a genuine opposition. What he failed to mention was that these leaders such as Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak were actually responsible for the suppression of extremist Islamic fanatical elements that threatened the region’s secular governments by vowing the introduction of harsh fundamentalist Sharia law should they come to power.

President Obama’s first foreign trip was to Cairo where he delivered a speech in which he apologized for America’s involvement in the region and promised a much more subdued presence in its affairs. Needless to say, this speech did not go over well with Americans who had suffered through years of war stemming from the fanatical Islamic attacks of 9/11. As bad as this was however, Obama’s next antic of bowing to Saudi King Abdullah in a show of deference to his position was downright shocking to Americans as it shattered the protocol of an American president never bowing to another country’s leader. American protocol dictates that the president is an equal to other leaders in the world and should behave accordingly to demonstrate American strength, independence, and resolve.

President Obama set out to reverse the trend of tilting American foreign policy toward the Sunni Muslims to counter the Iranian Shiites who had so humiliated America under the Carter Administration and whose overt support of fanatical Islamic terrorism threatened the stability of interests throughout the region. Obama favored tilting American foreign policy towards the Shiites despite their support for terrorism and against warnings that this would destabilize American regional influence. In 2009, President Obama pointedly refused to support an uprising in Iran by pro democracy groups against the oppressive theocratic rule they had endured since the Shah’s overthrow in 1979.

In December 2010, a carefully orchestrated uprising by militant Islamists against regional rulers began in Tunisia and spread across the entire Middle East with the approval and support of President Obama. American involvement was critical in deposing Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi, as was our support in the other regional conflicts which saw an end to secular governments actively suppressing radical Islamic elements. This “Arab Spring” movement was promoted in the press as an awakening of democracy throughout the region while obscuring the fact that the radical Islamic Muslim Brotherhood was working behind the scenes in cooperation with al-Qaeda, Hamas, and Hezbollah elements in a bid to gain power.

For all of his talk of resetting relations in the region under his Cairo Doctrine, President Obama has managed to succeed in this task, but not in the way he intended. His vision of a region in which America was warmly embraced as a partner has been rudely interrupted by the reality of burning American embassies and murdered American diplomats whose bodies were dragged through the street in a disdainful display of the region’s lack of respect for America and its values of freedom and democracy. His foreign policy in a shambles, President Obama stubbornly insists that this Muslim outrage was precipitated by the release of an obscure, poorly produced video purportedly depicting the Islamic prophet Mohammed in an unflattering light.

The disturbing and graphic images of Libyan Ambassador Chris Stevens’ dead body being dragged through the streets by an angry Islamic mob brings to mind another Islamic mob holding American embassy staff hostage in Iran back in 1979. Americans well remember the humiliation of watching Iranian students holding our embassy staff hostage for days on end and their ridiculous demands as President Carter impotently sat by and did nothing for fear of antagonizing an increasingly emboldened mob who should have been swatted as the annoying gnats they were when they first dared to seize our embassy. When Carter did manage to finally act, it was in a half-hearted attempt to execute a complicated rescue whose failure cost the lives of American soldiers, made us a laughingstock in the region, and further demoralized Americans at a crucial point in our long struggle with the Soviet Union in the Cold War.

President Obama has managed to lower regional respect for America past even the low point of the Carter years in which only one American embassy was attacked, by emboldening radical Islamists throughout the Middle East to attack all of our embassies. President Obama’s response has been to shutter our embassies throughout the region and evacuate embassy personnel as we scurry for the exits like a cowering dog which has been kicked repeatedly and fears another blow from an oppressor it dares not attack in self-defense. The message this cowardly act sends throughout the region is that President Obama will not act to protect American interests and it is now open season on America as radical Islamists feel free to act with impunity in their bid to seize power. This message of fear is not limited to just the Middle East as other world leaders such as Russian President Vladimir Putin digest President Obama’s response to the crisis in their own strategic calculations involving American confrontation.

Charles Krauthammer has correctly criticized American foreign policy failures under President Obama’s stewardship by linking Obama’s weakening of America through unnecessary apologies and deference to Arab leaders to the current regional destabilization that has resulted in attacks on American embassies and the deaths of American diplomats. Our burning embassies and murdered diplomats are the direct result of President Obama’s tilt from Sunni to Shiite Islamists and his refusal to protect American interests abroad. Yet, Obama has the gall to expect Americans to believe this is all the result of a 14-minute video and the fault of his predecessor. In the 1970s, President Carter destroyed American credibility in the world through his inept handling of foreign policy, and President Obama has managed a similar feat in the 2010s.

The repair of a damaged reputation is much more difficult than the maintenance of a good reputation. President Reagan set about to repair America’s tattered reputation around the world and succeeded in ultimately winning the Cold War. Successive Democrat administrations have managed to live up to their billing as weak on foreign policy by dissipating the momentum Reagan worked so hard to achieve, leaving America once again at the mercy of a dangerous world facing an enemy bent on her destruction.

Radical Islamists see it as their religious duty to destroy America because Islam, far from being a religion of peace, is based on the subjugation of infidels either through conversion, imposition of the jizya, or death. Mohammed disguised his thirst for regional power as a religious duty and convinced his followers they were involved in a holy calling given to him by Allah Himself. The remnants of his rule live on in the religion of Islam which continues to promote conquest and death to infidels.

America is destined to struggle unnecessarily as long as it continues to promote the farcical notion that Islam is a peaceful religion whose adherents can be reasoned with, and the idea that the ongoing struggle is not really one of a clash between incompatible civilizations fundamentally at odds with the ideas of each other. Fanatical Islamists will continue to manufacture outrage at every perceived slight to increase American guilt for its presence in the area until we are driven out to allow for their consolidation of power as they seek to challenge the prominence of Western Civilization throughout the world.

British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain famously waved his treaty with Adolf Hitler and declared that it represented “peace in our time” even as Hitler continued preparations for the war to come. President Obama held up American humility in the Arab world as the key to “peace in our time” even as the fanatical Islamists continued to prepare for the war in which we now find ourselves but which our leaders refuse to acknowledge. President Obama’s foreign policy is even more of a failure than Chamberlain’s because Obama actually assisted the fanatical Islamists in coming to power so that they might more successfully challenge Western Civilization. Islamic apologists throughout our government continue to promote the treasonous poison that Americans are recognizing as increasingly unbelievable. It is time to reject President Obama’s failed foreign policy and start the long and painful road to rebuilding America’s tarnished and weakened reputation throughout the world.

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