Feckless Foreign Policy

The chaos erupting across the Middle East aimed at America is the direct result of President Obama’s feckless foreign policy which has weakened America around the world through his constant apology tours and failure to lead on issues vital to the region and America’s interests. 

Consistent with his modus operandi of blaming others for his leadership failures, President Obama and his media acolytes are attempting to pin the blame for the latest eruption of attacks on American embassies throughout the Middle East on the release of a low-budget, anti-Muslim film that insults Mohammed, the principal religious figure of Islam, that has gone viral on the Internet. Evidence is coming in that points to coordinated attacks on the American embassy in Benghazi, Libya which claimed the lives of four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, who were taking shelter in a safe house some distance from the embassy compound. The timeline for this strike indicates that al-Qaeda terrorists fomented anger over the release of this film as cover to launch their attack on the American embassy, and that this was no ordinary mob of protesters, but rather a heavily armed group of terrorists with specific targets in mind.

President Obama began his tenure by launching a tour of the Middle East where, to the shock of many Americans, he proceeded to apologize for his predecessor’s actions in the region in support of the war on terror which began with the coordinated al-Qaeda attacks of 9/11. To make matters worse, President Obama broke American protocol to bow to the Saudi king in a gesture which implied that America was adopting a subservient role to the leader of another country. Those with knowledge of Islam instantly recognized the significance of this gesture as Islam calls for the subservience of nonbelievers, or infidels, through either death or the imposition of a tax known as the jizya. Subservience of infidels is one of the main tenets of Islam, and President Obama was happy to oblige this requirement in his drive to show America was ashamed of its past dealings with the region.

As is typical of westerners dealing with the Middle East, President Obama followed in the footsteps of former president Jimmy Carter by projecting western values upon the region and assuming that his gesture of humble apology would endear America to a region which has long demonstrated antipathy toward our country and our values of freedom which stand in opposition to their culture of top-down control. Middle Easterners didn’t get the message of reticence this apology tour intended by those viewing the situation through the prism of western values, but instead received the message that America was weak and in decline according to the values of the area.

By lowering America to the level of the rest of the world, President Obama has endangered our security by destroying the illusion of America’s invincibility and resolve in the face of crisis. After all, if America will cut its losses after ten years of war undertaken to avenge the attacks of 9/11, then there is no humiliating defeat she could suffer to cause America to show genuine resolve, and therefore, America is without values and merely a paper tiger to be attacked as a nuisance. By destroying the idea of American exceptionalism, President Obama has also destroyed the idea of American invincibility. This is his greatest foreign policy failure. Jimmy Carter shattered the idea of American exceptionalism through ineptitude, but Barack Obama did it intentionally as a matter of U.S. foreign policy.

After the decline of the Carter presidency, Ronald Reagan began the monumental task of rebuilding American esteem around the world by launching a program to strengthen our military which had been decimated under Carter. Reagan resuscitated the B-1 bomber which Carter had cancelled, then began a massive buildup of the U.S. Navy which had been allowed to fall into great decline as Carter concentrated on domestic stagflation. Reagan launched the Ohio-class nuclear submarines to strengthen the third leg of the nuclear triad, and the LGM-118A Peacekeeper missile program to provide a robust ICBM defense capability. Reagan became known around the world as a man not to be trifled with and respect for America gradually rose culminating in the collapse of the feared Soviet Union in 1989 with the fall of the Berlin Wall.

President Obama seems to have learned nothing from the failure of the Carter presidency as he has embarked on an eerily similar path in both domestic and foreign policy fronts. Domestically, America is mired in a recession rivaling that of the Great Depression that Democrat hero Franklin Roosevelt prolonged through his inept economic policies based on the since discredited ideas of John Maynard Keynes which favored big government spending to prime the economic pump, and which Carter tried to predictable failure. Par to course for radical progressive liberals, Obama has adopted the same policies but on a much larger scale as the typical progressive lament is that they didn’t work because we didn’t think big enough. We’re already hearing that familiar refrain as Obama’s latest incarnation goes down to failure.

On the foreign policy front, Obama has replicated Carter’s mistake of destroying the idea of American exceptionalism. Where Carter believed the rest of the world could be trusted and saw only the good in every action, Obama set out to purposely destroy American exceptionalism in the belief that reticence for perceived American arrogance would be rewarded by a new spirit of cooperation in the finest tradition of liberal hand-holding and the singing of Kumbaya around the proverbial campfire. In reality, that campfire has become the burning of American embassies throughout the region as Muslim anger continues to be manifested towards America and her interests in the region.

President Obama and the radical progressive liberals are incapable of seeing the fact that America is engaged in a holy war against an enemy intent on our fundamental destruction in the promotion of their ideology as dominant around the world. By refusing to see this fact for so long, they have now become incapable of admitting they were wrong and are invested in being proven correct to the point that they have become apologists for the very Muslims which attack us, burn our embassies, murder our ambassadors, kill our soldiers, call for the destruction of our allies, and threaten our way of life. Instead of calling out the various leaders for their tacit support of these unprovoked attacks and their failure to protect our embassies, President Obama first apologized for the cherished American practice of freedom of expression and implied that this was the catalyst for the recent attacks. These sentiments were echoed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, while Mitt Romney was castigated in the media for correctly pointing out that this was contrary to American interests and a dangerous message to send to our adversaries.

American lives were lost and the fault lies with the fact that America’s freedom of expression, an idea held dear by every radical progressive liberal when it comes to the protection of pornography, attacks on Christianity, and nude dancing, allowed for the expression of an idea unacceptable to their religious views? Why is it that Christianity has to be tolerant of the attacks on our religion while Islam gets a free pass to be intolerant? Is it because they protest more, are better armed, and more prone to violence? This is what passes for religious tolerance in the Middle East? Can none of the radical progressive liberals grasp the fact that these displays of religious intolerance will be replicated upon their cherished sacred liberal cows if the demonstrably intolerant Muslims come to world dominance? Are they truly so stupid to believe that their positions of power will protect them from the mob violence that is currently on display?

America has a choice to make this November. We can choose four more years of American decline in the world coupled with an economy hamstrung by massive overspending and debt, crippling regulations, confiscatory taxes, and intolerance to the ideas of wealth and success. Or, we can choose a different path that hopefully leads to the reemergence of American exceptionalism around the world along with a robust economy that lifts us all and makes it possible for America to reclaim her position as the world’s superpower spreading freedom and democracy to those who suffer under oppressive regimes. The media will do their best to confuse the issues and spread falsehoods on behalf of their preferred ideology, but we must be vigilant to point out these biases and remain focused on the truth and the issues that matter most to America’s future. It’s time to retire Barack Obama and shelve his feckless foreign policy once and for all.

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