Restoring Confidence

The first priority of the Romney Administration is to restore Americans’ confidence in the economy, so let’s look at exactly what that task will require. 

Barack Obama came into office promising to unite Americans and expand American prosperity to those on the lowest rungs of the economic ladder. However, once in office, Obama was unprepared to actually govern, so he resorted to the thing he knew best and the community organizer came out in him in full agitation mode. The first sign of trouble came in the episode whereby Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates was arrested for failing to comply with police officers who were investigating a possible break in of his home. In true community organizer fashion, Obama rushed to weigh in before gathering the facts and wrongly accused the officer of being biased against blacks. The great race healer thus began his odyssey of driving a giant wedge between the races and putting the lie to any hope that he would repair race relations in America. That process has only gotten worse since.

Having ramped up racial animosity, Obama then turned his attention to the other great radical progressive liberal weapon of class warfare. As the standard progressive recipe of Keynesian big government spending for dealing with a recessionary economy predictably failed, Obama resorted to blaming every economic ill on his predecessor and launched a massive war on wealth, to which the wealthy responded by turning inward and refusing to participate in the American economy. The Obama Administration has spent an astounding and incomprehensible amount of money with absolutely nothing to show for their efforts, and its repayment will require massive tax increases which have yet to be detailed. Understandably, the uncertainty created by these failed economic policies has prevented business planners from being able to accurately forecast future constraints resulting in a withdrawal from business activity until better economic clarity is forthcoming. In other words, businesses are looking inward until the Obama Administration leaves Washington and adults once more are running the country.

Obama has been aided and abetted in his racial and class warfare schemes by having complete Democrat control of Congress in his first two years. The heady realization of controlling most of the federal government was too much to restrain the radical progressive liberals from enacting every liberal agenda item from the last 100 years in a massive overreach which has shocked traditionally center-right America to the core. The uncertainty faced by the business community has also been extended to the personal lives of Americans who fear for their jobs and have turned inward to pay down personal debt in preparation for the worst. Despite the availability of easy money being pumped out by the Federal Reserve in massive amounts, this uncertainty is causing Americans to shun the prospect of additional debt resulting in the traditional recessionary spiral of less spending and increased slowing of the economy. The problem is not a lack of available money; it’s a lack of confidence in the future.

Obama’s worst economic sin is his destruction of confidence in the future. His promotion of overregulation, combined with his demagoguery of the wealthy and massive overspending which will require huge tax increases, has destroyed the capacity of Americans to plan for the future and eliminated their ability to feel confident about their future prospects. We are demoralized as a country by what we correctly perceive to be a landscape of negativity stretching across the horizon, and Obama does nothing but constantly reinforce this perception through his demonization of wealth, his petty charade of blaming us for the ills we are experiencing, and his inability to veer from the clearly failed policies of the last four years.

It will take a drastic change in tone to begin repairing the damage Barack Obama and the radical progressive liberals have done to America and restore Americans’ confidence in the future. Mitt Romney can’t come into office making minor policy tweaks and hope to be effective in changing the conditions of the country. He must make mammoth changes that Americans will instantly recognize as setting him apart from his predecessor. Only through massive changes will Americans begin to realize that things are going to be different and it’s time to get excited about the future. The biggest fear Americans have right now is that Romney will come into office and pretty much continue Obama’s policies with minor tweaks here and there – in other words, more of the same. Romney was bold in choosing Paul Ryan as his running mate, and he must be even bolder upon entering office to get our attention and demonstrate that he truly is a change for the better.

He can start by completely eliminating the unconstitutional advisor positions known as “Czars” which Obama has greatly expanded to run portions of the government directly from the Executive Branch. This includes the Drug Czar, as this pernicious practice must be eliminated once and for all. Obama has clearly demonstrated that any government mechanism created with the best intentions can be abused by those with the worst intentions, and that it’s better not to travel down this unconstitutional path in the first place. He can then begin reversing those Executive Orders of Obama which were designed to circumvent the power of Congress and restore oversight to the Legislative Branch. Before assuming office, Romney must take care to appoint Cabinet Secretaries who will rein in their respective agencies and clean out any vestiges of Obama appointees remaining in leadership positions. The message that the era of Obama is over must come from the top and it must be constantly reinforced at every opportunity as it flows down through the government.

Turning his attention to legislative matters, Romney’s first order of business is repeal of the hated Affordable Care Act. In this there can be no hesitation or hint of compromise if he is to convince Americans that he is genuinely the conservative opposite of Obama. It must be fully and completely repealed in a standalone act with no inclusion of reforms for the present system. The era of omnibus legislation must come to an end, period! Massive omnibus bills have been used to hide legislative details from Americans for far too long. Concise legislation written in plain language understandable to Americans must become the norm. Reform of both the tax system and the entitlement system must follow, but care must be taken in their design and the process can under no circumstances be rushed as they will appear similar to the process of ramming through the Affordable Care Act. These reforms are too important to be rushed in an effort to get something done that sets us up for future problems. There is much legislative work to be done such as repeal of stifling business regulations, but these are a good start.

Finally, Romney must continue to exude sunny optimism to the point that it becomes contagious to the country much like Ronald Reagan did to overcome the negativity surrounding Jimmy Carter. He must counter the liberal lies about wealth and success by both explaining patiently their benefits and availability to all Americans, and by creating the conditions that allow Americans to pursue them with success. Having money is not a bad thing, and the best way to get people to realize this axiom is to make it possible for them to experience it for themselves.

We are bombarded with talk of changing the direction of the country along with complaints that this rhetoric isn’t backed up with specifics. Changing the direction of the country will require radical change from the status quo, and radical change elicits fear in many people. Remember this, if one is drowning, then being thrown a life preserver is a radical change in one’s condition, but it’s a radical change for the good. If one is unemployed, being offered a job is a radical change, but for the good. We mustn’t allow ourselves to be frightened by the Democrats’ demagoguery of conservative policy changes or believe their rhetoric that these changes are radical and that radical equates to being bad. Remember that the Democrat Party is controlled by progressives whose goal is to transform center-right America into a socialist country modeled after the failing countries of Europe with high taxes and government dependence. Now ask yourself which party is truly radical.

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