American Liberty

We Americans are being asked to slowly surrender our liberty by the radical progressive liberals whose idea of big government cradle-to-grave beneficence is nothing more than an attractive form of slavery in which elitists run our lives and make all of our decisions for our own good. 

One of the most fundamental aspects of humanity is being treated with dignity and respect. We fear the loss of dignity as a blow to our humanity, and we strive to preserve both our dignity and respect by others even after our deaths. Slavery is a pernicious institution in that it robs an individual of their dignity and respect by eliminating their rights as human beings. Slaves are the property of others having no rights and no capacity to make their own decisions. It has been observed that slaves in the South before the Civil War were forced to work in the fields on plantations, but they were cared for by the plantation owner whose sought to protect his investment in their ownership as if this made up for the dehumanizing effect of existing in bondage. Upon arriving at a plantation, a doctor would frequently tend to the medical needs of the slaves before seeing the plantation owner’s family. Still, this was done strictly as a way to preserve the plantation owner’s investment in his property, and slaves were considered merely as property in those days with all of the dehumanizing effects implied by this arrangement.

No matter how attractive one makes a prison, it is still a prison. And, no matter how attractive one disguises slavery, it is still a dehumanizing experience. The subject of slavery still elicits strong emotions in Americans almost 150 years after the Civil War. This is partly to do with the fact that the overt slavery ended by the Civil War was replaced by a covert form of slavery under the Jim Crow laws of the South and the company store concept which kept sharecroppers indebted to the plantation through high store prices and the availability of easy credit based on their share of the harvest. The South was solidly Democrat after the Civil War due to the fact that Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, had destroyed the South’s institution of slavery, and his Republican successors had forced the South to endure the miseries of Reconstruction in revenge for Lincoln’s assassination. It was these Southern Democrats who created the Jim Crow laws and enforced the company store system to establish the system of covert slavery that reigned over the South after Reconstruction and kept the plantation system alive.

America’s Founding Fathers recognized that they were being led down the path to slavery by the British Parliament who began passing edicts on the colonists without their having a say in the matter through representation in Parliament. “No taxation without representation!” became the cry of the day as American colonists prepared to revolt against the most powerful country in the world in 1776. The Founding Fathers were men of property who risked their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to sever the bonds linking America to Great Britain. Although the colonies had benefited from British support in the French & Indian War and continued to enjoy British protection, the colonists were outraged that their futures could be callously decided by a Parliament some 3000 miles away across a vast ocean who shared none of the hardships of colonial life, who sought only to exploit colonial wealth, and who refused to allow the colonies representation in that august body as they were seen to be the mere property of Great Britain.

The business of revolution consumed the lives of many American patriots and remained an unsure prospect throughout much of the war, but American colonists continued to fight for their independence. The ordinary soldier, having little but his farm and family, nonetheless risked just as much as the wealthy landowner in that both risked their lives for the cause of liberty. At the conclusion of hostilities, when the British surrendered at Yorktown and America gained her independence, the former British colonists looked back to realize that their independence was purchased with the blood of their fallen comrades. It was an extremely difficult and hard-won fight, and few today realize just how close we came to losing that fight on several occasions.

Our Founding Fathers, realizing the price of liberty and the difficulty in obtaining it, enshrined its existence in our Constitution and handed its preservation to future generations to protect and cherish. Sadly, there are those today who wish to establish the federal government created under the Constitution as a source of power over the very American people it was created to serve. We’re told that the government will care for us, protect us, and take care of the messy details of life while we go about our daily lives. We’re asked to pay tax rates that would enrage the Founders to support this government benevolence. Decisions that require attention and planning are increasingly removed from our control by elitists who offer to do the work for us so we don’t have to spend time away from more pleasant pursuits. We have been lulled into surrendering our liberty through complacency, the illusory promise of security, and the desire to pursue leisure.

The radical progressive liberals who came to power under Barack Obama and controlled most of the federal government under his first two years as president, have vastly overreached in their desire to speed along the process of seizing control of our lives and consuming our liberty. Ordinary Americans have seen their radical agenda on full display and are scared to death by it. The warnings we conservatives issued prior to Obama’s election as president are coming to pass, and Americans are seeing firsthand the direction our country is taking through the implementation of his radical policies. Our economy has been unable to exit from the recession Obama inherited because his application of failed Keynesian policies has once again proven to be disastrous medicine to an already overburdened economic situation. Americans are uncertain about the future and are refusing to fully participate until some semblance of clarity is restored whereby risks can be properly assessed and alternatives can be properly evaluated.

President Obama and his radical progressive liberal ilk are poised for a seismic loss this November. Despite the disinformation propaganda the mainstream media are spewing out in a lame attempt to convince Americans that all is well and Obama is so well-loved that he will be reelected with ease, they are aware of the truth that their radical agenda is being overwhelmingly rejected by Americans and that they are going to lose in a massive landslide. As the election nears and the prospect of loss grows closer, they are getting ever more desperate and their anger is showing. We can expect even more of this anger. I wouldn’t be surprised to start seeing some full blown leftist tirades on the air as these idiots become unglued at the thought of being soundly rejected by Americans.

They can’t conceive of the fact that Americans don’t prefer their hateful, elitist, big government view of the world with its cradle-to-grave benefits and its ability to run our lives without us having to think anymore. We TEA Party conservatives recognize slavery when we see it, and this is slavery no matter how attractive they package it. America was conceived in liberty and born through the fire of brave patriots who risked all to secure that liberty. We have been labeled as radical extremists by the progressive liberals in a cynical bid to retain their power, but as Senator Barry Goldwater famously stated, “Let me remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And let me also remind you that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.” It is inconceivable to us TEA Party conservatives that we should surrender so easily that for which so many have fought so hard and for which so many have given their lives. American liberty is not ours to surrender because it was purchased by those who went before us! They bequeathed it to us to protect, but they retain the title of ownership.

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