Food Fight

Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day was an overwhelming success while the radical progressive liberal Kiss-In counter protest turned out to be the usual disappointment to its promoters. 

Much like the Cold War, America’s culture wars are largely fought by proxy. A corporation takes a stance on a controversial issue and the culture warriors turn out to support the company or demonstrate through boycotts as the case may be. Corporations that have changed their benefit policies to recognize homosexual unions incur the wrath of conservatives supporting the traditional institution of marriage, while the radical progressive liberal left has focused its attention on Wall Street and wealth in the form of the carefully staged Occupy Wall Street Astroturf movement. Conservatives and progressive liberals alike recognize the biased reporting of the media and have turned from traditional print and television news coverage to the Internet. Newspaper readership is falling faster than Eric Holder’s credibility in the wake of the Fast & Furious scandal.

It is not surprising that the Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day was such a resounding success while its counterpart was such a bust. Despite what the biased media would have everyone believe, America is a center-right country whose citizens recognize the importance of traditional institutions and support those institutions as necessary for the good of our society. The homosexual segment makes up less than 1% of the population, but their shrieking attempts to convince everyone that they make up a much larger component of the population. They can usually muster enough gays for a parade, but nationwide protests belie their true numbers and demonstrate their ineffectiveness at being able to make a difference to any company’s bottom line (no pun intended).

Traditional institutions are important to introduce cultural values to our children so that they may grow up to be successful citizens with shared values. Churches introduce us to God and teach us important lessons in morality that serve us well as we struggle with ethical gray areas later in life. Ethical dilemmas rarely come in stark contrasts of black and white, but rather in shades of gray that force us to struggle with an appropriate response. Those grounded in traditional morality will struggle less with these dilemmas than someone who has never been exposed to such cultural underpinnings. A thorough grounding in morality is necessary to preparing us to be ethical in our dealings with one another in life. The radical progressive liberal idea of doing what feels good leads to the likes of scam artists like Bernie Madoff who feel no compunction in swindling trusting clients out of billions of dollars.

Our schools teach us reading, writing, and arithmetic, but they also teach us to be punctual and get us used to showing up regularly for work. They prepare us mentally to be useful citizens by teaching us basic skills necessary to thrive in the world, and they prepare us emotionally to interact with others to achieve a common purpose whether that purpose is winning a football game or completing a group project for class. Lately though, our schools have been gradually taken over by the radical progressive liberals and used to brainwash our children into supporting such nonsense as the global warming fraud and other staples of their agenda such as abortion and the demonization of wealth.

Newspapers and other journalistic sources of the Fourth Estate have always been responsible for rooting out corruption and keeping an eye on our leaders to insure that they conducted the people’s business honestly and forthrightly. As we live our busy lives, we have neither the time nor inclination to keep tabs on our leaders and have always relied upon journalists to perform this task. The journalistic creed of unbiased objectivity has been irreparably tarnished through the media’s overt support of the radical progressive liberal agenda and its main proponent President Obama. Obama’s story was glossed over in the election and no effort was made by the media to investigate the numerous gaps in his life history or thin resume. Alternative Internet media sources have uncovered copious amounts of troubling information about Obama that would surely have affected his campaign if traditional media had done their jobs.

Our military is responsible for defending our country from invasion and protecting our interests around the world. The warrior ethos is carefully protected and passed along through well developed cultural constructions unique to the military and the purpose of building warriors. The radical progressive liberal left has dedicated itself to destroying the conservative traditions of the military through the introduction of women in combat and the overt recognition of homosexuals openly serving in the military. Women are generally less able to handle the rigors of warfare than their male counterparts, resulting in resentment by the men who have to shoulder the loads that women are unable to carry themselves. Placing women in combat to face the horrors of war firsthand reflects poorly on our noble ideas of protecting those Americans less able to protect themselves.

The recent policy changes resulting in acceptance of homosexuals serving openly in the military is already leading to situations that embarrass the military and lower its esteem in the eyes of Americans. Homosexual military members are demanding special rights and marching in Gay Pride parades in full military uniforms. The Catholic Church continues to deal with the fallout from its decision to turn a blind eye to homosexuality in its ranks that became so rampant its adherents and proponents were labeled the Lavender Mafia, resulting in sexual abuse of children on an unprecedented scale in the Church’s history. Our military will also be forced to deal with the unforeseen consequences to its decision to capitulate to a vocal minority in the interests of fairness and equal rights.

Traditional institutions were established to cultivate and teach traditional values that bind us together as citizens with a common heritage and shared values. The radical progressive liberal left is fond of promoting the idea that diversity is a strength when the truth is just the opposite. Our strength as a country exists in our shared values that lead us to identify as Americans. Diversity, taken to its logical extreme, causes us to segregate into smaller groups which the progressive liberals can then appeal to with promises of political favoritism as they pit one group against another and balkanize America into grievance groups. We constantly hear the refrain that diversity is our strength, yet no one can explain exactly why diversity is our strength. That’s because it’s impossible for diversity to be a strength. If everyone is pulling in opposite directions, then nothing is accomplished. Only when everyone is pulling together can anything be accomplished.

We just experienced a proxy fight between conservatives who support traditional institutions and the radical progressives who wish to destroy those traditional institutions because they stand in opposition to their goals of self-fulfillment. The conservative traditionalists came out in droves to enjoy a tasty Chick-fil-A meal, helping the company to enjoy a record setting day of sales while the radical progressives showed their arses in yet another lame protest that numbered few. The media continued to display its bias by blacking out coverage of the far more successful Appreciation Day and overestimating the turnout for the radical progressive Kiss-In counter protest. Dan Cathy, CEO of Chick-fil-A, demonstrated class throughout the entire episode by recognizing the counter protest as an opportunity to demonstrate the Chick-fil-A corporate philosophy of treating all of its customers with dignity and respect by providing second-mile service.

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