Capitalism is America’s Superweapon

Capitalism is the basis of America’s strength and her ability to defend herself and her allies around the world, but our present leadership fails to grasp this significant fact and seeks only to disparage this fundamental instrument of our success. 

In World War II, America created the Arsenal of Democracy to pour men and materiel into the war effort. The capitalist system allowed for the creation of sufficient wealth that made this possible and enabled America to defend her allies and defeat the Axis powers threatening the peace and security of the world. America’s wealth was of such magnitude that it not only allowed America to defeat her enemies, but to also rebuild their infrastructure and restore them to their place in the world. After WWII, capitalist wealth was responsible for the development of the scientific advancements that allowed technology to become a force multiplier and replace raw numbers of men and materiel as America’s battlefield advantage.

Capitalism was the weapon that won the Cold War. The conclusion of WWII left the world with two emergent superpowers imbued with polar ideological differences. For 45 years, Soviet communism and American capitalism were locked in a mortal struggle for control of the world as each sought to establish its economic system as the dominant force in the world. Each side had massive armies of men, advanced jet fighters and bombers, sophisticated nuclear weapons deployed on submarines and cutting-edge intercontinental ballistic missiles, spies, satellites, and every other technological advancement created to counter every perceived advantage. In the end, when the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 signaling the end of the Cold War, victory wasn’t due to a technologically advanced weapon or classified knowledge obtained through the efforts of spying, but to the simple fact that the capitalist system was able to provide a superior level of wealth to enable America to outspend her Cold War rival.

The Soviet Union embraced communism as the basis of its economic system for its perceived fairness in the distribution of resources. Humans being what they are, Soviet communism quickly descended into a system where those in power enjoyed immense benefits at the expense of those who labored under the illusion of worker equality. The only path to this upper tier was through the Soviet Communist Party and very few Soviets had the chance to tread this path. Soviet citizens were acutely aware of the discontinuity of the communist system and Soviet propaganda spouting worker equality and fairness were insulting given the obvious disparity between the two economic tiers.

Capitalism produced its own economic tiers with the major difference being the emergence of a strong middle class wealthy enough to provide for its needs without being ostentatious. Capitalism provides an accessible path of upward mobility to those who wish to work hard to improve their lot in life. Under the capitalist system lies the inherent promise that a great idea combined with hard work and a little luck can enable anyone to move from the lowest economic rung to the highest. In contrast, communism requires that all be equal with the implication that this equality exists at the lowest level, meaning that success is punished to level everyone at the lowest common denominator. The frustration of communism is countered by the exhilaration of capitalism as hard work is translated into success and the fruits of one’s labor are enjoyed by that laborer.

The cynicism produced by communism’s inequality disparaged its citizens and reduced the Soviet Union’s ability to compete economically in the Cold War. Initial enthusiasm generated by the redistribution of wealth in the early years of the Soviet Union gave way to disillusionment as Soviet leaders replaced the Tsarist ruling class in continuing the economic disparity experienced by the Soviet people. Soviet workers contented themselves with satisfying their daily quotas and dared not report their success in meeting the quota as their reward was a raise in the quota. Since hard work didn’t translate into rewards, Soviet workers didn’t try. The Soviet system gradually ground to a halt as it could not both feed its people and compete with the Americans in the Cold War.

Capitalism produced the wealth that allowed America to develop the sophisticated technology to counter the Soviet threat while simultaneously raising the American standard of living to the highest point in human history. People naturally work harder for themselves than they do for others over the long run. In other words, a person will work harder when he expects to enjoy the benefits of the labor he is investing in his endeavor than he will if he knows someone else will enjoy the benefits of his labor. It is this fundamental fact that makes the capitalist system superior to the communist system.

Our current leadership has been warned numerous times that its actions are endangering the capitalist system responsible for America’s strength and exceptionalism in the world. President Obama’s disparaging of business and the wealthy class to gain political points endangers the fundamental strength of America and weakens our standing in the world. His massive spending threatens our ability to finance future crises through borrowing. America’s excellent credit rating allowed her to borrow money at reasonable rates to finance her participation in WWII and weather the numerous man-made and natural crises since.

President Obama’s Administration has almost doubled the national debt during his term in office by spending some $6 trillion with nothing to show for the effort. He demands massive tax increases to ostensibly pay for this spending with the suspicion that he really intends to spend even more. He demonizes businessmen as being corrupt and focused on taking advantage of their customers. He demands that the wealthy surrender their wealth to the government amid calls of fairness despite the fact that the wealthy pay the vast majority of federal taxes with Americans in the bottom 50% paying only 4% of federal taxes. The poor are easily lured by the siren song of wealth redistribution without considering the destruction its implementation will wreak on our ability to both defend ourselves and support our standard of living. America’s enemies seek to bolster this attitude in lascivious anticipation of our decline. President Obama’s every action, no matter how seemingly innocent, appears to support the notion that he seeks to speed America’s decline in the world and only encourages her enemies.

Wealth allows one to seek out those areas that are most favorable to its cultivation and storage. Wealth also allows one to eschew participation in the market when the risk/reward relationship is unnaturally unbalanced to the point whereby risks greatly exceed the rewards possible for their undertaking. We are witnessing the wealthy shrugging their shoulders and refusing to invest their wealth as they and their efforts are demonized by the Obama Administration and his progressive liberal supporters. The wealthy will ride out the current situation in comfort while the rest of us suffer unemployment due to the lack of their investment in new production facilities. They will harbor and shelter their wealth while we continue to do without. President Obama’s attacks on capitalism for political gain will continue to weaken America and lead to her destruction unless he is replaced in November. Many Americans are awakening to this fact and Obama’s telling “you didn’t build that” gaffe at his Roanoke, VA campaign stop, which perfectly illustrates his Marxist ideology, drives this point home.

Attacks on capitalism are attacks on America herself and cannot be allowed to continue. We conservatives must step up our defense of capitalism and point out its benefits in raising the standard of living and providing for our defense. Calls of wealth redistribution from the left must be met with explanations that fleeing wealth will leave nothing to redistribute. One who invests his wealth in a business redistributes that wealth by creating jobs that support others, and the wealth created by this business in the form of goods and services raises the standard of living for us all. Capitalism must be defended, encouraged, and celebrated, for it is the basis both of America’s defense and her exceptionalism in the world.

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One Response to Capitalism is America’s Superweapon

  1. MrEd says:

    Exactly true. All people benefit when the smartest and hardest-working are enormously productive. Why can’t people understand that business needs a certain kind of environment to exist and thrive, just as life does. When that environment deteriorates or does not exist, business withers and dies. A dead business does not produce anything. Everything government hands out to “the needy” was produced by…business. No production = nothing to hand out. All government employees are paid with money confiscated from the private economy (i.e. taxes). Poor or no business = not tax income=no money to pay government employees. Everyone who wants a job looks for one at …a business. No business, or a poor business environment = no or not enough jobs. It’s easy.

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