Socialism on Display

President Obama’s recent remarks to the effect that businesses aren’t built by individuals alone revealed a telling insight into his socialist views on government. 

Despite attempts to conceal President Obama’s radical progressive liberal socialist views by his campaign and the media acolytes who protect it, the evidence of his first term continues to pile up and overwhelmingly exposes the fallacy of attempts to portray Obama as centrist. President Obama has waged a war on the fossil fuel-based energy industry to promote radical environmentalist policies at the expense of American consumers who are forced to pay higher energy prices. Upon losing the Democrat majority in the House of Representatives in the midterm elections, President Obama decided to bypass Congress altogether and rule by Executive Order. He has directed the Department of Homeland Security to stop enforcement of immigration laws, the Justice Department to sue states from enforcement of voter identification laws, and directed the Defense Department to purchase expensive biofuels to support the failing alternative energy markets. Candidate Obama was portrayed as an empty canvas onto which voters could project their ideal fantasy candidate, but President Obama has shattered those illusions with three years of pushing a radical leftist agenda that has bankrupted the country and left millions out of work.

Some of President Obama’s most telling moments occur when he ignores the carefully scripted words on his teleprompter in lame attempts to appear spontaneous. His recent remarks concerning businesses not being built by their owners is a case in point. President Obama, in a campaign speech in Roanoke, VA last Friday, waxing on the role of government in building businesses, stated “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” The uproar from the business community was instant and loud. This is socialist thinking put into words and reveals exactly how President Obama views the role of government.

First, by the logic of this statement, President Obama is stating that no one can take credit for any achievement because there are other people on the planet and they contributed through their efforts. This is the ultimate socialist statement that places everyone on the same level and wipes away any recognition of individual achievement. By this logic, unless one grew up on a deserted island with no help from anyone else, then their achievements are undermined by the efforts of others. Socialism seeks to define everyone as a collective where individual efforts are combined for the good of the collective and no individual stands out. Individual efforts are never special, but expected as part of one’s duty to the collective. Everyone is expected to give a 110% all the time for the collective.

Second, President Obama is attempting to portray all good things as the result of government and all bad things as the result of individuals who go against the collective. This is another classic socialist propaganda point which regards government as the provider of good and individuals as the spoilers of all that is good. The fallacy of this tortured logic is the fact that government infrastructure is provided for all citizens to use regardless of whether they start a business or work for someone else. In other words, government benefits are provided equally to those who try and those who don’t, so everyone is equal in this regard. The difference is that some people choose to work hard at starting a business therefore their success is due entirely to their efforts and not to the government. Government benefits provided equally to all citizens are not the difference in a business owner’s success, rather his/her hard work is the deciding factor.

Ironically, President Obama has no trouble taking credit for the work of others without acknowledging their contributions when things go right, and blaming others when things go wrong. All good things are the result of his efforts alone, while all bad things are the fault of someone else. This is the narcissist coming out in him and Americans have come to expect this attitude as events unfold. Obama was quick to rush to the podium and claim credit for Osama bin Laden’s rendezvous with justice. The contributions of Seal Team Six were acknowledged as color commentary in how Obama went about the task, but all credit rested with Obama. Also unacknowledged at the time were the orders issued to the admiral in charge of the operation which read in such a way as to give Obama an out by allowing him to place blame on the admiral if the operation failed. Obama the narcissist was covering his bases instead of leading.

Third, by subtly nudging Americans towards a collectivist mindset, Obama seeks to further ingrain socialist thinking into the American experience to replace thoughts of individualism and questioning of government authority. This is most clearly seen in the left’s attempts to denigrate the TEA Party movement whose members came together to question President Obama’s progressive liberal agenda of massive spending and increasing taxes. The TEA Party exists to question Obama’s authority and socialism abhors any questioning of its authority. Most frightening to the progressive liberals is the fact that the TEA Party attracts members from across the political spectrum who share the common fear that government is spending too much money on an unsustainable course that is bankrupting America and will result in massive tax increases.

This latest political gaffe by President Obama reveals his deep-seated socialist agenda and is a telling insight into his views on government and America in general. Since taking office, much has come out about Obama’s leftist upbringing that was purposely hidden by a complacent media during the campaign. President Obama represents the pinnacle of the progressive liberal socialist control of the Democrat Party, and his first two years in office represented the pinnacle of their control of government as they held the White House and both houses of Congress. Americans have gotten a good look at the unvarnished progressive liberal agenda and have recoiled in horror. All the warnings from conservatives are coming true and the emphasis is on stopping this harmful agenda in an attempt to save America from financial ruin.

Socialism has been refuted numerous times by the historical precedence of experience. It is a failed ideology relegated to the ash heap of history, but adherents like President Obama refuse to let it die. They promise something for nothing, but these promises turn out to be empty and unsustainable with the cost being liberty itself. America realizes the socialist agenda of President Obama, and this latest gaffe only underscores what is already so evident. Those who seek government benefits will continue to follow his siren song while those of us who produce will continue to resist his efforts to integrate us into the socialist collective.

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