We conservatives aren’t anti-immigrant, but we are anti-illegal immigrant. 

America is a nation founded by immigrants who sought to escape religious persecution back home in Europe. The Pilgrims left their homes, families, friends, and businesses to travel across an ocean and settle in a land devoid of anything resembling the civilization they were departing. When they arrived, there were no inns in which to stay or buildings of any kind. There were no markets from which food, clothing, and other necessities could be obtained. There was only a group of immigrants led by Providence to establish residence in a foreign land. These pioneers struggled to build a new life in a new land with nothing but the promise of hardship. They persevered and a great nation arose from these humble beginnings.

America is responsible for the greatest increase in the standard of living the world has ever seen. A feat so magnificent that in 400 years, America improved the standard of living more than it had advanced in 5000 years in the rest of the world! The frightening wilderness settled by the Pilgrims has become the most sought after destination in the world for those who seek opportunities denied them in their native lands. America was founded upon the principles of personal freedom tempered by personal responsibility, strong property rights, and rule of law that favors everyone equally. This has been a powerful recipe for success, and America has thrived following this formula.

As a nation conceived in liberty, we have welcomed the world’s tired, poor, huddled masses, asking only that they assimilate to form a cohesive national bond. At times, the waves of immigrants strained this requirement and limitations were put into place to facilitate the assimilation process. America has absorbed people from every nation fleeing natural disasters, oppressive political regimes, wars, famines, and poverty. Our strength as a nation lies not in our diversity, but in our assimilation as a country founded upon freedom.

Today we face the threat of terrorism where an insidious individual can enter our country and wreak havoc upon a large number of Americans. In response, we have tightened security at our ports of entry, but our determined enemy is intent on entering through our porous borders which must be strengthened to meet this threat. Border security is about the prevention of terrorism as much as it is about the prevention of illegal immigration. Before 9/11, migrant workers crossed over to work in our fields with little trouble, and returned home after the harvest. Now the worry is that terrorists cross over with them.

Many immigrants entered America legally and worked hard to obtain citizenship, only to watch others short-circuit the system and wade across in the middle of the night. It’s demeaning to obey the rules while others seem to thrive ignoring those very rules one worked hard to satisfy. Native frustration at watching illegal immigrants enter America and become a burden upon her taxpayers spills over to those who are here legally. No distinction is made as all are lumped together as a target of that frustration. The fiscal plight of many communities, exacerbated by the weak economy, has left no choice but to pass laws denying benefits to these illegal immigrants in an attempt to preserve the sustainability of these communities.

Progressive liberals pander to the illegal immigrants with promises of amnesty in an attempt to lock them into voting Democrat. They decry Republicans as anti-immigrant racists who only wish to profit from their labor while denying them the opportunity to live in America. They portray themselves through a complicit media as heroes to the working class who are duty bound to assure them of a place at America’s table. Their pandering has created a dependence upon government benefits among the immigrant class that undermines their ability to work hard and get ahead as others before them have.

Conservatives have no problem with legal immigration that assimilates new arrivals into a shared American experience. This includes English as the common language necessary to conduct business, knowledge of American history to illuminate the basis of our freedom and equality, and respect for our laws and customs. To immigrants, American citizenship is a privilege to be earned and appreciated. As they assimilate into America, legal immigrants bring their rich cultures which get assimilated into the American experience.

The debate over immigration was settled with the arrival of the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock. America is a nation of immigrants and continues to welcome those who come here legally. The progressive liberals are attempting to create amnesty for illegal immigrants and disguise it as an immigration debate. Conservatives must vigorously point out the fallacy of blanket amnesty created for political reasons. Rewarding lawbreakers with the forgiveness of amnesty just because they exist in large numbers only perpetuates the idea that crime can be ignored if a large enough group breaks the law.

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