Now What?

Obamacare has been upheld by the Supreme Court and Eric Holder has been held in contempt of Congress as America continues to slide off the cliff. So, now what do we do? 

Thursday presented a mix of emotions with the Supreme Court shocking everyone by upholding Obamacare almost in its entirety, and the House unsurprisingly voting to hold Eric Holder in contempt for his refusal to provide subpoenaed documents in the Fast & Furious gun walking scandal that resulted in the death of a federal agent.

Even the progressive liberals fully expected the Court to strike down the hated individual mandate and had prepared for this eventuality. No one saw this ruling coming out of left field that upheld the individual mandate by redefining it as a tax, and no one expected Chief Justice John Roberts to side with the Court’s liberal wing in the majority. The Supreme Court was able to maximize its shock value and make the agonizing wait pay off with a spectacularly unexpected announcement. Conservatives are left wondering if Roberts is the conservative Justice they imagined while Kennedy, who was painted as the swing vote, sided solidly with the conservative wing in completely condemning the law. In one fell swoop, the Supreme Court turned everything we thought we knew about the Court on its head. Up is down, right is left, and we can no longer trust our instincts when it comes to the Supreme Court.

Predictably, the House of Representatives voted to hold Eric Holder in contempt with several Democrats breaking ranks to side with the Republicans as they face an increasingly angry electorate in a few months and need to distance themselves from the progressive liberal wing of the Democrat Party. So, Holder’s been found in contempt of the House. This means that the U.S. Attorney, who works for Holder at the Justice Department, has to decide whether he should drag his boss in front of a grand jury. Anyone care to make any bets on where this is going? Holder is sitting there with a big “so what” shrug, and a nonchalant “I hate it for you” attitude.

Yesterday’s news displayed in shocking detail that the power of the federal government is without limit and there is nothing anyone can do about it even when they try. The Constitution has been shown to be completely without merit and no longer requires America’s political leaders to pay it any respect whatsoever. Well, we have the elections coming up in November which will give Americans an opportunity to redress this political unbalance and restore fidelity to the Constitution. Not so fast! The major problem with selecting Supreme Court nominees is the fact that, once confirmed, they are free to pursue whatever political agenda they desire, despite any promises they made during the confirmation hearings. No president can be assured that his Supreme Court appointees will abide by their supposed political inclinations. Now, since the Constitution has been shown to be irrelevant, we have the same worry with presidential aspirants. We all expect politicians to shade the truth and we try not to let them get away with outright lying to us, but now they can promise us all day long that they will adhere to the Constitution and there’s nothing we can do to hold them to this promise once the election is over.

So, what will freedom-loving Americans do now? Where will we go if America is beyond being saved? We can resort to taking up arms and engaging in another civil war to reclaim our country and impose fidelity to the Constitution. We can move to another country and hope to shape its laws to our liking. We can do nothing and grumble as America slides into the abyss. We can disperse throughout the world and keep a low profile. Each of these options has its pros and cons. One notable exception to this list of options is voting out the bums that caused all of this mess because that has been conclusively shown not to be a workable solution. The Constitution, America’s foundational document that served as the legal justification for transferring limited political power from her citizens to her government with checks and balances, has been usurped by a group with no vested interest in preserving its role in our republic. Yesterday’s decisions transformed America from a constitutional republic into an elected monarchy where unlimited power is now vested in an emperor to wield as he sees fit. It won’t be long before one seizes this imperial power for life and disregards the electoral process. After all, if Americans will allow the Constitution to be disregarded a little, then they won’t mind it being totally disregarded.

The option of taking over another country and shaping its laws to suit our needs is not really feasible as no country worth having would allow us to do such a thing without starting a war. We would then have the stain of establishing a country by imposing our will upon a conquered people, provided we actually did conquer them, who would continually resent us and subvert our system of government. We can blend into other countries and exist below the radar, so to speak, and many will undoubtedly select this option as there are already a number of American émigrés ensconced about the world.

It appears that our only realistic option is civil war. If we hope to restore America’s adherence to the Constitutional values of its founding, it will most certainly be through bloodshed. The electoral process has brought us to the point that those who wish to be provided for have voted themselves benefits at the expense of those who are productive. They are unlikely to see the error of their ways or even care what the stakes are as long as they get their benefits. Those without the stomach for war can hold out hope for the November elections, but war will eventually come, so it is best to prepare early and ready oneself for its arrival.

The tortured political machinations have left us with an empty adherence to the Constitution. We have been made painfully and obviously aware of the limitations of our current system. We now see that our government has been hijacked by a group interested in maximizing their political power despite the consequences for our country. Common sense dictates that Americans open their eyes and see what is going on right in front of them. Common sense also points to the only realistic option left to Americans who profess allegiance to the Constitution and the ideas of our Founding Fathers.

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