Education Reform

America’s education spending continues to increase while test scores decrease, with educators insisting more funding is needed to reform the education system they created and which fails our youth by sentencing them to a life of ignorance and dreams of false hope. 

At one time in America, to become a teacher, one received practical training and obtained a teaching certificate before entering the classroom. Children were well-behaved for the most part, and faced corporal punishment when they dared step out of line either from the teacher or the feared school principal. Parents were involved in their children’s education, attending school meetings, sporting events, and artistic endeavors such as music recitals and plays in which their children were involved. Parents even helped with the homework where they were able, and American children left secondary school with instruction in civics, actual history as opposed to the rewritten and politically correct mush they are spoon fed today, and even foreign languages such as Latin and Greek in many cases.

Contrast that to what passes for education today where one is required to obtain a four-year degree before becoming a teacher and join a union as a condition of employment. Discipline has been abolished as it interferes with the new mantra of making kids feel good about themselves as opposed to actually educating them. This begs the question why teachers are forced to obtain education degrees and not psychology degrees. Parents now dump their kids onto the state as a form of daycare while they rush off to their busy day, and they’re too exhausted to become involved with homework or attend extracurricular activities. Progressive liberals seized control of college education programs and introduced numerous liberal educational theories which have been foisted upon an unsuspecting public thinking more education for teachers would translate into better teachers. Teachers are now programmed to introduce liberal orthodoxy to innocent children who have no idea they are being brainwashed into supporting dubious policy such as global warming and evolution through fear tactics that scare kids into thinking the end of the world is at hand. History has been rewritten from a modern politically correct stance to reflect what liberals wish to portray as the real meaning of historical events.

The result of all of these progressive liberal experiments has been a dumbing down of students who are no longer exposed to civics or the building blocks of a classical western education. They turn out students unable to comprehend how American government works and who are unfamiliar with the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution. Testing has become passé as poor test performance would hurt their little psyches, as would any form of punishment to limit their excesses of unacceptable social behavior.

We are born lacking any experience with socially acceptable behavior and equipped only with the instincts of survival like any other animal. Children are cruel towards each other because they are establishing a social hierarchy in preparation for life in a group where their position determines their share of food, sex, and other benefits of survival. Noble social concepts such as sharing, helping others, and self-sacrifice for the benefit of others are taught as important societal traits necessary for a proper society where humans interact peacefully with one another while keeping their animalistic urges buried under the veneer of polite behavior.

A recent incident where Karen Klein, a 68-year old bus monitor who was filmed being taunted by children on the bus, resulted in a YouTube video which went viral and prompted an outpouring of emotional and financial support on her behalf. Viewers of the viral video are outraged over the callous treatment of Ms. Klein by high school students who demonstrate the most profane cruelty towards a helpless old woman. Our outrage stems from the fact that we are shocked that high school kids could display such callousness and cruelty toward an adult with such disregard to her feelings and reducing her to tears as they taunted her about her physical appearance. The progressive liberals running our schools have insisted that children would grow up to be well-adjusted if their self-esteem has been nurtured, but we see with this video a demonstration of the classic axiom that to spare the rod spoils the child. Having never been taught the finer points of social graces, nor punished appropriately for ignoring societal norms, these kids reverted back to their animalistic instincts of attacking the weak to drive them from the group in order to preserve scarce resources.

Progressive liberals have run American education into the ground and must be purged from the system if we are to have any hope of reforming the system. Increased educational requirements have not resulted in better teachers, only in higher student loan debt and teachers better educated in the latest progressive liberal educational orthodoxy. The old system of obtaining a teaching certificate in addition to a core course of study should be readopted and teachers’ unions should be abolished as their goals are diametrically opposed to those of educating our children.

Corporal punishment should be returned to our schools with a vengeance to regain control of the students and reestablish the authority of school officials over the education environment. This development would also help to relieve the anxiety many teachers feel about confronting students who increasingly are emboldened to ignore rules and act in any manner they please with no fear of consequences. As it now stands, we are training our most incorrigible youth that rules can be ignored and have no consequences, thus laws can also be ignored without consequences. Our incorrigible youth are receiving the foundational training for a life of crime that we as a society must endure.

The most difficult aspect of reform will be the problem of getting parents involved in the upbringing and education of their children. Educators routinely cite this as the biggest challenge they face. One possible solution would be to inform parents that if they cede control of the education of their children to the state and abdicate their responsibilities as parents, then they no longer can complain about how the state educates their children. Then, hold parents responsible by requiring their attendance at school functions and note which parents are the most involved. Of course, parental involvement requires a much broader shift in societal attitudes away from self-centered narcissism back to self-sacrificing humility towards others. That’s no small undertaking in our celebrity-obsessed culture of materialism.

Education reform will not be found in another progressive liberal program requiring increased funding. It will be found in a return to basic American values on which our country was founded and which fell out of favor with chic progressive liberals decades ago. These values are rooted in Judeo-Christian teachings that have underpinned the American idea since its founding. We have talked around these problems for far too long fearing that their mention would upset delicate sensibilities of political correctness. It is time we acknowledge reality for the good of our children, our society, and our country. We should be shocked at the outrageous behavior those students demonstrated to Ms. Klein as they belittled her and attacked her self-esteem while progressive liberals insist on protecting and nurturing their self-esteem. The immense outpouring of emotional and financial support for Ms. Klein is a testament to the level of our shame and outrage. It’s time to take back our schools and our country from progressive liberalism run amok.

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