On Marriage and Divorce

Weakening the fundamental institution of marriage through the acceptance of homosexual unions and the relaxing of divorce laws threatens America’s very foundation and does no favor to those who sincerely believe in the institution and work hard to sustain their own marriages in the face of neglect and outright hostility by those intent on gaining societal acceptance. 

There was a time in this country where if you wanted to get married, you stood before a clergyman in a house of worship, professed your love to each other, and promised to love, honor, and cherish each other through good times and bad times before God almighty. And, before you both had gotten to this point, you well understood the gravity of the vows you were about to undertake and did not enter into them lightly. You had both been counseled as to the gravity of marriage by your clergyman, obtained a blood test and marriage license, and all of this was after you had dated and entered into an engagement period. If, for some unforeseen reason, the marriage was to be dissolved, there was a separation period of at least a year and it had to be proven in court that one spouse had committed an offense for which a divorce was warranted. Those days are no more.

Marriage is an institution designed to provide a stable family unit in which to rear, nurture, and raise children so that they develop and mature into successful well-adjusted adults. Being recognized as such, state laws made it difficult to dissolve a marriage, and many couples who otherwise would have divorced remained married “for the children” in arrangements that allowed each spouse to pursue their own interests. But, there were also many couples who rethought their actions, patched up their differences, and remained happily married for the rest of their lives. These couples were forced to confront their differences and put in the hard effort required for a successful marriage because there was no easy option to dissolve the marriage. Any successful marriage requires hard work from both spouses committed to understanding each other, communicating their feelings, compromising where possible, and putting the other spouse’s needs before your own. When you’re married, it’s not about you anymore, but about us. When children arrive, then it’s all about them. It is this realization that progressive liberals cynically abuse to greedily secure benefit claims on the treasury for their preferred voting blocs.

In today’s fast paced video game culture, notions such as permanent marriage are considered outdated along with the idea that only a man and woman should be allowed to marry. The reason that gay marriage has even become a possibility is due entirely to the fact that marriage is no longer considered important in American culture. Homosexuality is an abomination before God and the Bible tells of the punishment He levied against the Old Testament cities of Sodom and Gomorrah for their wickedness in practicing homosexuality. In fact, the term sodomy is derived from the city name of Sodom as its practice had become synonymous to the city. Lest anyone be tempted into quoting the Bible and telling me to “judge not, lest ye be judged,” I would remind them that God commissioned His followers to judge evil and refrain from entering into such. God proscribed homosexuality as an abomination, warned humans not to engage in its practice, and punished those who did and do.

In their zeal to prevent spouses from being trapped in loveless marriages, the progressive liberals went about the task of weakening divorce laws around the country until they succeeded in watering down most state laws to little more than filing a document. In many states, all it takes to divorce is to file the paperwork and agree on a property settlement. No fuss, no muss. A heated argument is all it takes anymore for one spouse to divorce the other. We continue to profess the seriousness of marriage to those contemplating a union, but the message they get now is that we don’t really take it all that seriously since we make it so easy to marry and divorce.

These days, anyone wishing to get married stands before a civil servant and basically enters into a contract as recognized by the state. Gay marriage is even recognized in some states, which means anyone can marry anyone else. Blood tests are no longer required and engagement periods are seen as passé. When conservatives argue that the day is coming where anyone can marry anything, progressive liberals brush this aside as foolish, but then we never thought the once farfetched notion of gay marriage would be taken seriously enough to be fought over and enacted.

Progressive liberals have succeeded in driving any mention of God almost entirely from the public sphere, especially from anything related to government. This policy of government secularization has resulted in a societal shift away from personal responsibility and respect for God toward an attitude of personal gratification at the expense of others. The Founding Fathers never intended for separation of church and state to mean a complete removal of any mention of God in state affairs, but rather as a way to prevent the establishment of a particular religion by the state that would force all citizens to worship exactly the same. Recognizing the providence of God in America’s success forces no one to worship in a particular manner, and atheists who profess no belief in a deity of any kind should content themselves with being mildly amused at what they see to be our ignorant profession of free expression.

Couples who suffered in loveless marriages have always had the option of living separately until a divorce could be obtained. Any spouse suffering abuse automatically had grounds for divorce under the traditional system. Progressive liberals convinced voters that couples were destined to divorce anyway and there was no reason to set the bar of divorce arbitrarily high. They use a similar version of this argument to lobby for free condoms for kids they feel are destined to have sex anyway, and free needles for drug addicts who they feel are destined to abuse drugs anyway. By their logic, everything is predestined and should be facilitated by the state. Statistics belie these predestination arguments showing that abstinence actually works when implemented and drug use goes down when societies stop tolerating it in public places.

Progressive liberals, who are constantly professing tolerance for any outlandish behavior or expression, are the most virulently hateful when voters reject their far-left schemes at the polls or reject their attempts to loot the treasury for their own gains. They want their policies enacted and brook no compromise, accept no voter rejection, and show no civility when handed a loss. They have constantly lobbied for easier access to sex, legalization of drugs, and a general relaxing of moral standards in society. They ridicule conservatives who point out the folly of their goals with accusations of living in the past and refusing to get with the times. God warned His followers to resist the temptations of the world and stay true to His teachings to enjoy a long and happy life.

Most married people will readily agree that marriage requires hard work from both spouses to be successful, and that couples need all the help they can get to bolster marriage and strengthen its underpinnings. Redefinition of traditional marriage and weakening of divorce laws send the message that we as a society no longer value the institution of marriage, and certainly remove our ability to legitimately explain the importance of marriage in establishing stable family units necessary for the nurturing of children to our young people questioning its value. How do we make this argument when we allow homosexual marriages that have absolutely nothing to do with rearing children and everything to do with satisfying selfish desires for societal acceptance?

Conservatives invoke the slippery slope argument to protest against progressive liberal schemes that weaken societal morality and are routinely ridiculed by those same progressive liberals despite the abundance of evidence arising from decades of experience with these schemes. Strong institutions are the fortification against societal decay. Weakening these institutions invites attack by the dark forces arrayed against American exceptionalism and offers an opening to believe that America really is populated by the undisciplined and decadent. As the world’s beacon for freedom and democracy, we have a responsibility to remain strong and unwavering, but we risk collapse from within when we allow fundamental institutions such as marriage to become obsolete under the guise of preserving self esteem among a vocal minority. We also have a responsibility to uphold the values of traditional marriage for those who believe in its importance by strengthening divorce laws to make it less easy for marriages to be dissolved over less than the most serious of reasons.

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