Resist, Rebel, Revolt

When faced with an arrogant usurpation of the Constitution, Americans must resist, rebel, then revolt to reestablish constitutional adherence by our elected officials. 

President Obama and congressional Democrats have consistently ignored the Constitution when it interfered in their plans to reshape America in line with the progressive liberal Marxist philosophy to which they adhere. Over the objections of a majority of Americans, congressional Democrats passed, and Obama signed, a sweeping government takeover of the entire U.S. health care industry in a bill consisting mainly of blank pages meant to be filled in later by the bureaucrats charged with implementing this takeover. We’re used to seeing communist third-world banana republics nationalizing private industries, but now we’re seeing our own federal government engaged in this unconstitutional practice. In addition, Obama has taken to publicly berating the Supreme Court justices with warnings that they should not find fault with or make decisions that would stymie his progressive liberal agenda.

We’ve witnessed Attorney General Eric Holder engage in a massive cover up to conceal the Justice Department’s involvement in the Fast & Furious gun walking scandal which resulted in the deaths of two federal agents. Holder has consistently ignored congressional subpoenas to produce documents which would allow congress to fulfill its oversight duties investigating this illegal episode. Federal agents charged with upholding U.S. laws engaged in an operation to allow weapons to illegally enter Mexico, resulting in the deaths of thousands in a politically motivated attempt to cast gun ownership in an unfavorable light which would make gun control laws more palatable. Real people died to make a political point and Holder is stonewalling the congressional oversight investigation.

We Americans have resisted the healthcare takeover through the Attorneys General of several states which sued the federal government to force a Supreme Court ruling on the constitutionality of an unprecedented expansion of the Commerce Clause. We’ve organized protests, joined TEA Parties, and voted out a number of entrenched incumbents to demonstrate our resistance to being pushed down the progressive liberal path that is so clearly at odds with our Constitution. We’ve turned away in droves from traditional media outlets which have proven to be nothing more than complicit agents of the frauds being perpetrated upon America. These media mandarins have sold their souls to the progressive liberal Marxists by abandoning any pretense of objectivity as they consistently bury any mention of news unfavorable to their cause. Team Obama is aware of the resistance to their agenda and is desperately in search of ways to mitigate this resistance to another Obama term in office with multiple distractions meant to divert attention away from his lousy record.

Americans are being threatened with the unconstitutional invasion of their privacy through the expansion of drone operations meant to spy on citizens in the name of national security. We already endure meaningless intrusive security screenings at airports which are conducted more to prevent charges of profiling than actually deter terrorism. Americans are beginning to rebel at what they perceive to be useless security loopholes through which we must jump by stripping naked at TSA checkpoints. They will continue to rebel against the drone program by shooting down these drone aircraft when the opportunity presents itself. No American likes to be spied upon when engaged in their daily affairs, and the Constitution enshrined the right of privacy for this very reason. Communist countries suspect everyone and constantly spy on their people because they know an oppressed people are always looking to undermine the efforts of their oppressors. Now, our own federal government has become so mistrustful of Americans that it feels the need to usurp the Constitution and spy on its citizens. The Founding Fathers would truly be ashamed.

When faced with the unreasonable actions of Great Britain, the Colonists at first resisted by refusing to pay the hated taxes or by using alternatives which were not taxed. As always is the case, the levied taxes failed to produce the intended revenue and caused less consumption of the items taxed. When new taxes were enacted on items held more dear by the Colonists, they rebelled by dumping chests of tea into Boston Harbor and engaging in other subversive acts to make know their displeasure at the status quo. Finally, when it became evident that Great Britain was digging in to protect her position and reestablish her authority over a colony which has grown accustomed to the freedom its distance from the mother country had afforded, the Colonists were left with no choice but to revolt and declare their independence.

We have seen the progressive liberal Marxist vision for America and have shuddered at the prospect of a future living under its oppression. It is an agenda of slavery through high taxes, massive debt, government intrusion, and everything the Constitution was designed to protect us against. We have resisted through our protests, our votes, and our organizations. We are rebelling through acts of defiance such as stripping at airports and gunning for drones. We are left with revolting against a future antithetical to every principle of the Constitution and every fiber of American being.

Americans are lovers of freedom and naturally resist attempts to curtail their freedom even under the most plausible of reasons. America stands as a beacon of freedom for the rest of the world and demonstrates precisely what freedom allows a nation to accomplish. Sadly, we are no longer the freest country in the world, or the country with the lowest taxes, or the country with the most economic freedom. We have allowed agitators to seduce us with visions of racial, class, and wealth envy. These agitators have curtailed our freedom in the names of diversity, parity, and justice. They have perverted these noble concepts to convince us that redistribution is the path to achieving their manufactured goals which continuously shift to perpetuate the fraud.

We have resisted, we are rebelling, and we must prepare to revolt if we are to reestablish Constitutional authority over our government. Fortunately, our Founders devised a mechanism which would allow us to revolt without having to resort to violence. We enjoy the privilege of voting our tyrants out of office in bloodless revolutions. Only when they happen to control all of the levers of power should we have to resort to taking up arms against our own government. This eventuality was planned for with the inclusion of the Second Amendment. The true intentions of despots are always revealed by the fervor with which they seek to repeal the Second Amendment.

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One Response to Resist, Rebel, Revolt

  1. GothicArc says:

    Right on! A drone sent up by animal-rights activists in South Carolina was promptly shot down by the hunters recently. I call that a great beginning!

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