The Inhumanity of Government

For all of its storied benevolence to the people, government is inherently inhumane in providing this benevolence through its necessary bureaucratic system which reduces people down to case numbers and treats them as clients instead of humans in need. 

The progressive liberal cabal currently running American government has created strife among Americans by actively promoting discontent along racial, class, and group lines in a bid to divide Americans and gain power by appealing to the wants of each of these groups of Americans. They come not as uniters, but rather as dividers, for they know a united American populace naturally gravitates toward the shared American ideas of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness identified in our foundational documents as our inalienable rights flowing from God the Creator through His natural laws. Only by dividing Americans into smaller racial, class, and national origin groups can they hope to fan the flames of prejudice that being Americans has helped to erase. For all of their talk of fairness, justice, and equality, the progressive liberals actually promote the politics of grievance, envy, and animosity to stoke the resentments of these groups. They seek the favor of these groups by creating tensions, then promising to promote policies alleviating the very tensions they themselves created in the first place. On top of all of this, they hold out the false promises of government largesse and security in a bid to lure Americans into relinquishing their liberty and self-sufficiency for government handouts.

To achieve this, government ceases to treat its citizens as humans whose needs are fulfilled through the services it provides. When government is small, it provides essential services to citizens that aren’t met by private industry. Government has a monopoly on these services and citizens have no alternative but to patronize the government offices providing these services. When the bureaucrats in these offices become intolerable, citizens complain to their elected officials who then take action to correct the situation and restore some semblance of customer service. When government grows to unruly proportions, the system becomes so filled with insensitive bureaucrats unresponsive to customer needs, that the politicians no longer have the power to attend to any but the most egregious and outrageous instances of customer neglect and abuse.

The private sector operates under a much different set of constraints. The capitalist system provides for competition among business interests who can ill-afford to provide less than the best customer service experience else their customers migrate to their competitors or refuse to purchase the good or service at all. Lost customers mean lost revenues. Consequently, businesses strive to provide excellent customer service, or at least to give the impression that they do, in order to retain their customers and continue in business. The rise of Internet commerce has placed additional pressure on traditional brick-and-mortar businesses to improve the customer experience, and those who have sought to shortchange customer service through automation to cut costs have suffered tremendously as a result.

Americans are intimately familiar with the loss of humanity experienced through their dealings with government bureaucrats. We shudder at the thought of obtaining a drivers license, filing a tax return, or answering a traffic summons in court. These unpleasant experiences are made much more unpleasant by bureaucrats who assign you a number and move you through the system without caring about your particular situation and immune to your pleas for help as they ignore your attempted explanations while urging you to just move along by monotonously calling out “Next!” You are nothing more to them than a case to process, and their immersion into the particular corner of government they occupy has made them immune to all but the most severe cases of suffering. And then, they only show sympathy for these cases as a way to speed them along their way through the system. Americans living in the most rural of areas have it better because they have a much better chance of personally knowing the bureaucrats staffing local government offices, or they may be blessedly free of most government offices and able to continue relying on their own powers of self-sufficiency to remain blissfully unaware of government assistance and all the nightmares of bureaucracy it brings.

The progressive liberal socialists seek to rapidly expand the size, scope and power of the federal government to take over more and more of our economic activity under the guise of promoting efficiency to achieve fairness and justice. Fairness and justice are noble concepts difficult to argue against when presented as the inevitable outcomes of proposed legislation to expand federal power. However, they are illusory straw-man concepts fronting the progressive liberal desire to expand federal power. It must be remembered that the progressives have no intention of promoting fairness and justice, but only of using these arguments to further their nefarious designs on reshaping American government to suit their agenda.

Given our experiences with government bureaucrats who mercilessly prod us through the government system, not one of us believes that the already abysmal customer service we experience when visiting a doctor’s office will improve under government control. We fully believe it will get worse as cold and heartless bureaucrats create a medical assembly line fraught with incomprehensible rules and regulations that could kick us out of the process at any time and deny us the life-saving medical treatment we need just to survive. The medical community has created a system that sets doctors up as omnipotent beings and promotes the idea that common sense should be ignored in deference to their knowledge in medical matters. They have created a monopoly on medical care and customer service has suffered greatly as a result. They were assisted in this enterprise by the government who now wishes to rescue Americans from this sorry situation they assisted in creating by taking the entirety of it under government control. Americans realize the situation and the stakes, which is why we are overwhelmingly opposed to ObamaCare and government control of healthcare. The sensible solution to reform of the medical system is to promote competition through an unraveling of the medical monopoly currently in place. Only by experiencing true competition and risking the loss of customers can the medical community improve customer service and patient outcomes.

Healthcare is not the only area that can benefit from less monopolizing government control to improve customer service and product quality. Education is another area with atrocious customer service and product quality. The government created an educational monopoly under control of the teachers unions by dangling the carrot of federal money and ensnaring the states into its accompanying web of attached strings. The states are little more than addicted junkies without the power to refuse their federal fiscal fix to support their broken budgetary habits. This pattern is repeated with highways, law enforcement, and housing as the federal government slowly saps the sovereignty of the states through the power of the federal purse.

Meanwhile, we Americans continue to lose our humanity in a maze of government numbers meant to identify us, classify us, and subjugate us to the power of government. Could government be the beast that God warned us of in the Book of Revelation? Is government the beast that destroys humanity by stamping an identifying mark or number on everyone’s forehead and forcing them to adhere to its will at the risk of being outcasts forced to subsist on whatever they can scrounge? In Revelation, John described a beast that rose up out of the pit, whose strange appearance seemed to be a conglomeration of many images, and that the people worshipped. Could this beast be the many faces of bureaucracy who have arisen from the chambers of government and whom the people worship for the largesse they expect it to provide? These are certainly points to ponder as we watch the unrepentant and unprecedented usurpation of power attempted by the progressive liberal socialists currently occupying our government, whose birth as the guardian of our liberty has been perverted into an illusionary omnipotent presence to subjugate us to its will.

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One Response to The Inhumanity of Government

  1. GothicArc says:

    Government “help” is by definition bureaucratic in nature; therefore void of the all-important ingredient of truly helpful assistance: love.
    It seeks to organize and categorize humans who by creation are individuals; no two are alike, yet the System forces people into different preconceived molds. There will never be as many categories as there are types of people, so people will have to conform to the mold, rather than the mold confirming to the person.

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