Multicultural Lies

For years, we’ve been told to celebrate diversity as the key to America’s strength, but diversity is the byproduct of freedom which has led millions of immigrants, both legal and illegal, to our shores in search of the better opportunities it affords. 

Diversity has never been the source of America’s strength. America’s strength has always been the freedom enshrined in our Constitution that drew the best and brightest from around the world to realize their true potential. Diversity is the result of this accumulation of peoples yearning to breathe free. The progressive liberals have deliberately twisted this recipe for success to minimize the role of freedom and perpetrate the fallacy that the diversity byproduct is somehow the most important element in the formula. Freedom is the catalyst that produced diversity in America, not the other way around. No immigrant comes to America because of its diversity, but precisely because its freedom allows that individual to work hard and succeed.

The progressive liberals are not misunderstanding the relationship between freedom and diversity, but rather they are deliberately misrepresenting this relationship for their own political gain. Multiculturalism is a sinister political ploy designed to steer Americans away from the idea that we are all part of one country with shared experiences with which we all identify and rally around. Multiculturalism seeks to have Americans identify with the culture from which they escaped in order to Balkanize our population by splitting it into smaller groups that can be pitted against each other for political gain.

Americans are led to forget why they or their ancestors left their home countries as the progressive liberals promote everything positive about their historical culture. American immigrants bring with them many good things such as eclectic dishes of tasty food, rich musical traditions, colorful dress, and values like honesty, hard work, and respect. However, they also leave behind repression, poverty, and the grinding realization of life under autocratic rule where their contributions are ignored and their opportunities to work for a better life are nonexistent. It is for this reason that they leave for America, not because they are tired of their food and music.

Since America’s founding, the idea has always been that immigrants would assimilate into our country by learning some of its history and identifying with its values. This idea of America as a great melting pot by which immigrants cast off their old identities and take on the new identity of American has worked well. Immigrants were never forced to abandon the entirety of their heritage, but encouraged to adopt those aspects of American heritage which would serve them well in their adopted homeland. Immigrants were encouraged to speak English as it is the national language and necessary for interaction and prosperity. They were taught American history to gain a basic understanding of the ideas for which Americans sacrifice. Slowly they assimilated into American life and became a part of our rich fabric as other Americans accepted them for the most part and embraced their presence.

Along the way, there were struggles and growing pains as large waves of immigrants arrived from one region or another. Some groups were resented for one reason or another, but for the most part, they assimilated and got along with everybody else. The progressive liberals sought to play on these historical resentments and whip the flames of subsided nationalist passions to encourage these groups to revert back to their old identities. They did this to make these groups suddenly feel like outsiders in their own country and reawaken those feelings which had originally prompted them to leave their homelands for America in the first place. Recent immigrants were most susceptible to these overtures as they had the most vivid memories of their former countries. Those older generations born and raised in America with no links to their ancestral countries were encouraged to rediscover their heritage and identify with these groups in a cynical strategy of keeping their traditions alive. We’ve witnessed the Balkanization of America over the last couple of decades as it has become common for Americans to self-identify as hyphenated Americans. Many who realize exactly what the progressive liberals are up to have stringently resisted this urge to hyphenate their identity as Americans.

Part of this strategy has been to celebrate diversity as some sort of strength to be worshipped on the altar of multiculturalism. As a graduate student, I was constantly bombarded with the message that the diversity of the student body would somehow enhance my learning experience by introducing me to other ideas from around the world. Since I was studying finance, I failed to see how an income statement or balance sheet could be derived any differently by one culture over another. Diversity made for great conversation between classes, but offered nothing to the classroom discussion or learning process. However, the college administrators constantly fawned over the idea of diversity to the point of sickening regularity as an educational enhancement.

America is exceptional because it is the only country that offers its inhabitants the freedom to pursue life, liberty, and happiness in large quantities and has relatively low barriers to entry. These conditions have resulting in the attraction of the world’s best and brightest as those highly motivated to seek freedom have migrated to our shores. Resist the temptation to believe the progressive liberal lies that diversity is the key to America’s success and remember that diversity is merely a byproduct of the freedom America offers its citizens to prosper.

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