Pure Evil

Often, the only explanation for heinous acts is that they are the manifestation of pure evil, and we are left with an inadequate understanding of a senseless crime that haunts us long afterwards. 

Michael Plumadore stands accused of the senseless murder of nine-year old Aliahna Lemmon in a Fort Wayne, IN trailer park. Aliahna’s mother, Tarah Souders, had entrusted her care to Plumadore, who had assisted Souder’s father, James Lemmon, while he was dying. Although she feared Plumadore might harm her children, she nevertheless allowed him to watch them while she was busy. On Friday, December 23, 2011, Plumadore bludgeoned Aliahna to death with a brick as she stood on his front porch. He then carried her lifeless body inside and proceeded to dismember it with a hacksaw to facilitate its disposal. Fort Wayne police became suspicious of Plumadore after noticing inconsistencies in his story during initial questioning. Plumadore later confessed to the senseless murder after police focused their attention on him.

A nine-year old girl with hearing and vision problems is brutally bludgeoned to death by a 39-year old convicted felon and callously butchered for no apparent reason. The mind struggles to comprehend such a senseless act and is left unsatisfied as no explanation readily presents itself. She was not capable of provoking the incident by physically assaulting her assailant, and no evidence has been presented to suggest that Plumadore intended to sexually assault her. All we know at this point is that Plumadore just decided to beat Aliahna to death with a brick. Still, we endeavor to understand as if understanding will allow us to place this inane act into a neat category and allow us to move on with our lives.

Sadly, there is no understanding of this irrational act because it is yet another exhibition of pure evil. Our morality renders us incapable of understanding because we would demand a good reason to justify our contemplation of such a heinous act. We can’t put ourselves in Plumadore’s shoes and conjure up the slightest explanation to justify his actions. This heartless act is utterly senseless and unnecessary to the point of defying all logic.

Michael Plumadore, to satisfy his demonic pleasure, mentally reduced Aliahna Lemmon to an inhuman object and remorselessly beat the life out of her for no other reason than the fact that he desired to do so. This is pure evil. When we rationalize away another’s humanity and use them for our own pleasure without regard to their feelings, we are guilty of committing evil towards that person. Regardless of whether we assault someone to satisfy our anger, taunt them for our amusement, steal their possessions for our pleasure, use them to achieve sexual gratification, or murder them to satisfy our bloodlust, we are committing evil. This is the explanation we grope for to understand the illogical act of a brutal murder. Aliahna’s humanity was rationalized away and she became an object for Michael Plumadore’s use to satisfy his evil impulses.

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