Environmental Religion

Environmentalists have twisted protection of the earth into a religion in which creation is worshiped in lieu of the Creator. 

Political factions seek power to advance their agendas. In this, the environmental lobby is no different from any other political faction looking to impose its vision upon the country. Environmentalism gained traction during the turbulent sixties with its roots in the nascent hippie commune scene where the more enlightened imagined living off the land and freely sharing its bounty among groups of like-minded disaffected middle-class youths. Self-sufficiency was the order of the day and growing your own food was as self-sufficient as it got. These budding farmers soon hit upon the fatal flaw of communism as they realized not all of their cohorts were contributing equally for their equal shares.

Instead of embracing capitalism and individual responsibility after the sudden shock of learning that communism was not all it was cracked up to be, they stubbornly channeled their idealism into protecting the earth. This was a noble cause and needed as industrial chemicals were routinely dumped into rivers and toxic gases were released into the atmosphere by companies more interested in profits than a healthy environment. Besides, it had always been done that way and no one had ever said it was wrong.

Then, in a galvanizing event, Americans were shocked to learn that the Cuyahoga River was so polluted that it actually caught fire and burned in 1969. The environmental movement seized this photo opportunity to promote the cleanup of America’s waterways and air quality. The Clean Air Act was passed in 1970 and companies were grudgingly dragged into cleaning up their operations, even if they didn’t always see the benefits. Today, companies take pains to project an image of environmental responsibility as being good environmental stewards translates into positive marketing and a healthier bottom line. The negative public relations stemming from an environmental accident actually keeps executives occupied with developing contingency plans.

Like all movements created to address egregious problems and who have seen the majority of their original concerns addressed, the environmental lobby discovered additional concerns to perpetuate their continued existence as the conscious of an earth whose only protection from evil polluters lay in their ever-watchful vigilance. Protecting the environment ceased to be a political objective and became instead a religious quest. After all, the original objective of cleaning up and America and convincing industry that it was in everyone’s best interests to preserve the environment had been achieved. Mother Earth cried out for the faithful to guard her against evil capitalists seeking to once again despoil her.

The environmental movement eventually split off into sub factions focused on various environmental aspects such as plastic containers in landfills, nuclear contamination, and climate change. In fact, climate change became so huge that it morphed into a separate movement. Finally, the environmentalists had found an issue with unlimited potential funding and the power to transform the entire planet without any conclusive evidence.

It began as global warming with proponents pointing to apparently hotter summers as proof that the earth was getting hotter and immediate action was required to keep us from a future notable for oppressive heat. The science behind this movement involved the accumulation of a dangerous layer of carbon dioxide in the upper atmosphere that trapped heat and acted as a greenhouse effect on the earth. Studies were funded, panels were convened, articles were written, and scientists proclaimed a dire emergency requiring immediate action to insure earth’s very survival.

This explanation came on the heels of the dire prediction that release of chlorofluorocarbons from air-condition units was eating a hole in the ozone layer and allowing in unfiltered solar radiation resulting in a rise in cases of skin cancer. Never mind the fact that the rise in cases of skin cancer could be explained by the sun worshipping fad enjoyed by Baby Boomers in the seventies and eighties when it was all the rage to sport a tanned body. Baby Boomers have never been ones to heed the advice of moderation in all things whether it’s tanning, cocaine, or shady finance.

The calls for immediate action disregarded protests from distinguished scientists urging more study amid growing doubts about the viability of existing reports. These scientists were dismissed as crackpots intent on impeding the progress of science towards a solution to save the planet from a dire emergency that couldn’t wait for absolute results. The environmental faithful believed the threat was real and would brook no consideration of alternative viewpoints. Reason was tossed out the window and eminent scientists were shoved aside as their careers languished for daring to question such self-evident research.

At the height of the calls for immediate action, when the world was meeting to endorse grandiose climate schemes whose goals included sharp restrictions on industrial output from developed nations without regard for the economic well-being of their citizens, a bombshell in the form of leaked emails among leaders of the global warming scientific community was released to the world. In them, the private musings and schemes of these scientists were laid bare for all to see. We learned that Michael Mann from Peen State had massaged the data he used to develop his famous “hockey stick” graph conclusively demonstrating rising temperatures. We read of Phil Jones from the East Anglia Climate Research Unit, the preeminent climate research center in the world, applying various filters to his data and plotting to keep dissenting viewpoints from publication in peer-reviewed journals.

The world was shocked by the glimpse it was afforded in the release of these private conversations plotting to defraud the planet into supporting a position their faith in environmentalism demanded. Their subservience to this faith allowed them to skew data to support their theories of global warming because they believed the cost to humanity was too great if they were correct. And, they were sure they were correct. Besides, there was a lot of grant money riding on their research.

Climate skeptics were bolstered and support for global warming began falling faster than the temperature behind a cold front. The global warming movement was quickly relabeled as the climate change movement and anthropogenic global warming, or warming caused by man, became all the rage. After all, who can argue that the climate isn’t changing? There have even been calls to study global cooling, that staple of Popular Science magazines from the seventies.

Just when it seemed that the movement was repairing its image and rebuilding its consensus among the lat people of the world, a second batch of emails was released to the world prior to the start of yet another climate summit in which the industrialized nations were to be goaded into transferring massive amounts of their wealth to the underdeveloped countries in the name of climate justice. This wealth transfer was to make up for the imagined crime of warming the planet through industrial activity. It appears that evil capitalism gets the blame for everything. Details emerged of collusion between Phil Jones and the U.S. Department of Energy to keep secret the results of a study funded by the DoE and administered by Jones. The data from this study has been requested by other scientists seeking to replicate Jones’ research and verify his results. Independent replication of research findings is the basis for scientific discovery.

This new release of information was enough to cause Canada to pull the plug on its participation in the global warming scam and doom this latest confab to an ignominious end. Climate change proponents are in full retreat busily defending their faith in climate catastrophe caused by man and his desire to live more comfortably. There are hints of future email dumps to come whenever it appears that the global warming hoax is rearing its ugly head to cause further economic damage from its misguided pseudo-scientific research.

Of course, the climate changes – in the form of weather in the short-term and seasons throughout the year. Our planet has suffered through ice ages, droughts, volcanic eruptions, floods, and other natural disasters over the course of its history. It is recognized that our Creator had amazing insight in His work as minor changes in key factors would extinguish the ability of our planet to support life at all. Humans were charged to be good stewards of His creation and commanded to worship Him above all others, including His creation. Surely a Creator with such amazing insight and ability doesn’t have to depend on the help of humans, whom He also created, to maintain His creation. Rather, He allows us to assist in His affairs.

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