The Race Card

Black politicians play the race card to shut down any consideration of their poor job performance when it comes under scrutiny, and declare any mention of their inabilities as off-limits. 

Americans continue to receive conflicting messages from the black political class. On one hand, we’re told that no one should be judged by the color of their skin and blacks are just as capable as whites in the performance of their jobs. On the other hand, when it comes to black malfeasance in office or poor job performance, suddenly it becomes an issue of race whereby the black under scrutiny plays the race card accusing everyone of racial motivations in singling them out for scrutiny. The idea of being judged solely on their merits without regard to race flies out the window amid a harangue of how racially motivated the charges against them happen to be.

These charges of racism have been amazingly effective in quieting those who dare to question a black political figure, and the tactic of crying racism has become ingrained in the black political class. So effective is this tactic that Latino politicians have adopted it when the heat is on and a change of subject is desperately needed. The problem with this tactic was that it was only effective as long as blacks could claim to be disenfranchised, and it lost its magic power once Barack Obama was elected president. It’s impossible to claim your group is disenfranchised when one of its members holds the highest office in the land. Additionally, Obama campaigned on the inferred promise that his presidency would move America beyond our racially charged past into a new era of racial harmony. So, gullible whites suffering from some sort of self-imposed guilt over America’s past history of slavery superimposed their imagined view upon Obama’s blank slate and voted him into office.

Now, we’re three years into Obama’s presidency and he’s made a total mess of things. He not only failed to deliver on the promise of racial harmony, but has actually made the situation a lot worse. He reverted to true community organizer form right off of the bat with the Henry Louis Gates arrest episode by accusing the arresting officer of racism without bothering to gather the facts. Closer analysis revealed no racial bias as the arresting officer was merely responding to a call and only arrested Gates after he became uncooperative and unruly following several warnings.

Obama viciously attacked George Bush’s policies and ran as an alternative promising to fix the mess into which he claimed Bush had gotten America. So far, Obama’s spent $5 trillion America didn’t have as unemployment has continued to soar, the economy has continued to get worse, and millions of Americans have given up hope of finding a job or doing any better. Pressed to explain why his policies have failed so miserably to turn around the economy, Obama resorts to playing the race card by accusing Republicans of seeking to bring down his presidency because he is black.

Upon being appointed as Attorney General, Eric Holder began his tenure by calling Americans “essentially a nation of cowards” for not openly addressing the issue of race. Three years later and up to his eyeballs in the failed Fast & Furious scandal, Holder reaches for the comfort of the race card to accuse congressional Republicans investigating the illegal gun-running scandal of being racially biased in calling for his resignation. This, on top of Holder’s failure to prosecute members of the New Black Panthers for egregious act of intimidation at polling places on the very day of election as Obama was running for president, lends credence to charges that Holder is consumed with race.

Fast & Furious was not just another failure of oversight by management to monitor a questionable operation by underlings in a large organization. It was an operation authorized at the highest levels to intentionally break U.S. laws by instructing ATF agents to allow the flow of large caches of arms into Mexico ostensibly to catch drug gangs with illegal weapons. Contrary to ATF rules under which these weapons tracking operations were always previously conducted and which stated that the weapons were never to be allowed out of sight of the tracking agents, Fast & Furious was specifically designed to lose track of the weapons in the hopes of catching them in the possession of upper level drug cartel members. It was never explained what value this would provide American ATF agents as the weapons would now be in Mexico and subject to Mexican jurisdiction.

Repeated warnings by experienced ATF agents to the dangers inherent in this operation went unheeded by Justice Department officials interested only in continuing the operation. ATF agents used to tracking these weapons closely and making quick arrests were forced to uncomfortably watch as the weapons disappeared into a shadowy network of drug cartels. Their warnings that these weapons were being used to murder innocent people went unheeded by their superiors. Then, the unthinkable happened and the scandal broke wide open. In December of 2010, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was murdered when he encountered drug cartel members smuggling drugs into America and weapons found at the scene turned out to be some of those supposedly tracked by the Fast & Furious operation.

Justice Department officials scrambled to shut down the Fast & Furious operation and transfer those ATF managers with intimate knowledge of the operation into cushy jobs in exchange for their silence while ATF field agents who had complained were denigrated and given harsh assignments in an attempt to force their retirement and discredit their testimony. Congressman Darrell Issa, Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, immediately launched a full investigation into the Fast & Furious scandal. He was joined by Senate Republican Charles Grassley, ranking minority member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, in investigating the scandal on the Senate side.

Holder has appeared a number of times to testify before Issa’s committee and has been less than forthcoming with details on the Fast & Furious scandal. Holder has provided inaccurate testimony and continues to drag his feet in providing subpoenaed documents to the committee. As it becomes ever more apparent that Holder is covering up details of the Fast & Furious scandal, he has resorted to a feeble attempt to play the race card in the hopes of cowing Republicans who are calling for his resignation. Obama’s silence in not rebuking Holder for his shameless suggestion that race is playing a part in the investigation of his involvement in this scandal suggests that he is supportive of Holder’s use of the race card tactic to silence his critics.

Americans are getting a good look at an illegal operation which resulted in the murder of a dedicated federal agent and they don’t like what they see. Eric Holder, for all of his scolding of America for not addressing race, is using the shameless race card tactic in a failed bid to silence his critics now that he’s been caught neck deep in an illegal scandal. As Attorney General, Holder is supposed to uphold the law, not facilitate its breaking. As a long-time Washington politician, Holder should have known better than to authorize such a dangerous operation with unlimited downside potential. Claims that this was a rogue operation are falling on deaf ears as it is realized that no low-level agent would dare risk his career on such an undertaking without explicit orders from the highest levels. By playing the race card, Holder is not only attempting to protect himself; he’s also protecting Obama.

The race card no longer holds the power it once held to silence critics of black politicians and allow them to engage in all sorts of egregious behavior with little fear of the consequences. The promised post-racial presidency of Obama has failed to materialize, and disappointed Americans are seeing the race card for what it always was: a straw man argument to excuse behavior. Blacks can choose to be judged solely on their merits or they can choose to blame racial stereotypes, but they can’t choose both. Illegal behavior is illegal no matter the perpetrator’s skin color. For black achievement to be accepted as normal, use of the race card must be banished forever.

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