It’s Never Enough

Democrats persist in disparaging wealth and demanding tax increases to satisfy their expansion of government despite the fact that Americans are struggling and tapped out. With Democrats, it’s never enough when it comes to demands for more tax revenue. 

The American economy continues to spiral downward, despite the media’s best attempts to convince us otherwise, while Congress is mired in gridlock and Obama continues his endless summer of uninterrupted vacations at taxpayer expense. Doing their best to support Obama’s reelection effort, the media persists in spinning economic figures positively despite the fact that Americans no longer even pay attention to such obvious lies in the face of experience. After two years of complete Democrat control, Congress is unable to perform basic functions such as produce a budget to fund government operations. Unable to articulate his position, Obama reverts to his community organizing roots to disparage anything coming out of congress.

The deficit reduction super committee, charged with finding $1.2 trillion of spending cuts, was immediately sabotaged by Democrat Co-Chair Patty Murray’s demand that tax hikes be considered before any consideration of spending cuts. Democrats are engaged in a nasty class warfare action aided by their media acolytes and a network of progressive front groups funding the Occupy Wall Street Astroturf efforts. Weary Americans quickly tired of their incoherent rants, public nuisance behavior, generally filthy demeanor, and criminal undercurrent. The protest camps are being dismantled and protesters are being forced to leave as the tactic has backfired and support has plummeted.

The 2012 election comes down to a fight for the future direction of America. The radical progressive socialists seek to further entrench their agenda of government expansion and intensify Americans’ dependence on government to secure their grip on political power. Conservatives seek to reduce the size and scope of government and wean Americans away from government dependence and back towards the self-reliance that built a world superpower. The current political situation has become so nasty precisely because everyone understands exactly what is at stake and is fighting with all the intensity they can muster. The winner will thrive politically while the loser will be relegated to watching their political influence wane and be left defending a rejected platform of stale and discredited ideas.

In 2009, Democrats found themselves in control of the legislative and executive branches of government and couldn’t resist enacting every radical progressive idea on their wish list for decades. Their massive overreach caused Americans to gasp in horror as conservative warnings as to their true intentions were revealed to a stunned electorate. Americans promptly handed the House back to Republicans at the first opportunity in 2010, and the Democrat slide into political obscurity continues into 2012.

Obama is a radical to the core and was never capable of a political shift such as that displayed by Bill Clinton after the similar Republican House takeover in 1994. Clinton was a moderate Democrat who had worked to move his party away from its more radical elements back towards the center and found himself much closer to the conservatives than the radical elements of his own party. Obama’s political inexperience and inflexibility has doomed his party as a force to be reckoned with in the future. Like the captain of the Titanic, he prefers to steam ahead at full speed through the ice field to reach his destination as quickly as possible instead of maneuvering around it and losing momentum but protecting his ship. He does this not through leadership, but through cajoling from the far left. He prefers to let the radicals in congress have their way and bully anyone who resists. His favorite tactic is the Executive Order which doesn’t require any oversight or approval.

Democrats have amply demonstrated to Americans that they have absolutely no interest in cutting one dime of spending despite numerous opportunities to do so with political cover. They prefer to demonize wealthy Americans in a class warfare campaign to force the acceptance of the tax increases required to pay for their profligate spending binge. Democrats aren’t stereotyped as tax and spend liberals for nothing. Obama’s radical idea was to spend the money first and demand the tax increases to pay for it later. This was also his downfall as Americans haven’t witnessed the promises of an improved economy and are balking at paying for such waste.

Republicans passed a deficit reduction plan through the House only to see Harry Reid kill it in the Senate. Republicans on the deficit reduction super committee offered three separate spending reduction plans culminating in Pat Toomey’s plan to reduce spending by $650 billion and close $500 billion in tax loopholes. All of these efforts were torpedoed by Democrats resistant to spending cuts of any amount reminiscent of Arafat’s rejection of Israel’s total capitulation in the peace process of offering the Palestinians everything they wanted. Arafat demonstrated that he preferred fighting over peace and Democrats demonstrated that they preferred spending over fiscal restraint.

When it comes to government expansion and tax revenues, with Democrats it’s never enough. They always want more believing that they are so close to making it all work. Facts, figures, and logical analysis are meaningless to Democrats who allow their emotions to lead their thinking and cloud their judgment. In their zeal to help, which amounts to total control of Americans’ lives, no expense is too great for the wealthy to shoulder, as Democrats pontificate secure in the knowledge that their wealth is safely tucked away from the reach of the taxman in elaborate shelters unavailable to the average American. Wealthy to Democrats falls squarely on the middle class when it comes to paying taxes. Americans are fed up with this duplicity and are saying not only is it enough, but it’s too much.

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