Breaking the World Economy

The anti-capitalist crowd has finally managed to use capitalism against itself to destroy the world economy and position the idea of a world government as the only viable solution to fixing the mess they have created. 

There have always existed people who prefer to find excuses for their condition instead of engaging in the hard work of improving their condition. This group has always been susceptible to the siren song sung by those echoing these sentiments in the hopes of improving their condition through the acquisition of power. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels sang this lullaby to workers as the Industrial Revolution was gearing up to much success. Marxism, communism, and socialism all proclaim to workers that there is a wealthy class exploiting their labor and keeping them at the bottom of the success ladder for their nefarious purposes. It’s easy for workers to see the contrast between their conditions and those of the wealthy and draw the wrong conclusions.

Today’s workers enjoy unprecedented wealth in historical terms, yet still fall victim to the evils of the anti-capitalist crowd contrasting their lifestyles with those of the current wealthy class. A worker in the nineteenth century would marvel at the luxury enjoyed by a minimum-wage worker today. Decent housing, cars, microwave ovens, supermarkets, fast food outlets, modern health care systems, worker safety, and retirement plans are all things taken for granted by today’s workers.

As working conditions improved, so did the need by the anti-capitalists to find ever more ingenious explanations to convince workers they were getting a raw deal. Anti-capitalists infiltrated government and imposed constraints on the economy that exacerbated economic cycles and made life much harder on workers than necessary. FDR’s economic policies prolonged the Great Depression and the economic misery shared by millions. His solution was to engineer government programs that engendered its participants into government dependency and allowed for expansion of power to protect this new cycle of dependency. As is always the case, this expansion of power was sold to the people under the guise of helping those in need despite the fact that it was the anti-capitalists who created the need in the first place.

Lyndon Johnson further expanded the federal government’s power and Americans’ dependence on government with his War on Poverty. Whereas FDR managed to hook the elderly and poor on government dependency, Johnson managed to expand this dependency to the middle class. The battle has raged on since then between progressives who wish to expand government dependency and conservatives who wish to curtail this expansion and return government to its primary purposes. The rise of a Republican faction dedicated to merely slowing the rate of government dependency indicated the futility of waging war against entitlements and a complete surrender to their inevitability.

The end of the twentieth century saw the beginnings of European federalism as Europe prepared for unification under a common currency. Europeans exuberantly predicted the displacement of America as the world superpower as their unification efforts unfolded in a stunning display of hubris completely ignoring the history of European strife. China began its rise as an economic powerhouse in Asia with American companies rushing to move manufacturing operations to take advantage of cheap labor and lax regulations. China’s building boom pulled in massive quantities of the world’s raw materials and drove their prices ever higher. Americans watched in fear as their jobs disappeared and China bought up U.S. Treasuries.

The situation we find today is one where an American president laboring under the progressive banner has managed to waste some $10 trillion and completely destroy our economy. Unemployment is at Great Depression levels and the government can’t print money fast enough. The vaunted European Union is scrambling to shore up the balance sheets of its more profligate members whose spending has bankrupted the entire continent. China’s expansion was fueled on borrowed money leaving it with huge numbers of non-performing loans carried on hidden balance sheets in the futile hopes that a turnaround is near enough to avoid disaster.

In every case, progressives managed to gain control of these economies and impose constraints that guaranteed their destruction. Their purpose was to destroy the world’s economic systems and create such a climate of fear that people would embrace a world government as their only possible savior. It was never enough to tank one economy. It had been shown that recovery was possible by changing leaders and adopting conservative policies. What was needed was economic destruction on a scale unimagined previously. The Great Depression had achieved massive world economic destruction, but the climate of isolationism and the lack of government dependency meant that people relied on their own resiliency to survive.

In today’s world, people are concentrated in urban areas and unable to grow their own food. These people rely on a paycheck made possible by steady employment to provide the necessities of life. Loss of employment instantly drives them into the arms of government dependency and places them at the mercy of government bureaucrats. Governments have much more power of their citizens than they enjoyed during the Great Depression.

It was revealed today that the Federal Reserve is moving to link with the European Central Bank and the Chinese Central Bank to better coordinate responses to the current global financial crisis. No doubt this is the beginning of much closer cooperation between other government agencies in response to expected crises stemming from the global financial meltdown engineered by progressive anti-capitalists. The dream of a world government has long been the topic of conversation in European salons. Chinese communists are all about government control with communism used as a means to this end. And, it is no secret that American progressives have lobbied strenuously to entangle American jurisprudence in foreign treaties and compacts, push for closer United Nations involvement, and generally push for Americans to be subjected to forces beyond American shores.

It has been shown that people will trade freedom for the illusion of security, for security can never be more than an illusion. The loss of self-reliance through government dependence has created a class of people more susceptible than ever to the elitist siren song that they just need to lie around the plantation all day and let their betters take care of things. The destruction of the world’s economies through progressive interventionist meddling is the excuse needed to establish a world government and return everything to normal.

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One Response to Breaking the World Economy

  1. Eye Floaters says:

    Enough with the crisis in Eurpoe. Fix your problems and move on!

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