Deliberate Indecision

It is easy to dismiss Obama’s actions as being malicious, but I think that the key to understanding Obama is to realize that he is completely out of his depth and afraid to make any decision lest it be immediately held up as evidence of his stupidity and unpreparedness. 

When faced with a serious decision, Obama hems and haws hoping that events will overtake the issue and present him with the logical choice. Obama has made no secret of the fact that he approaches problems with a professorial mindset and careful deliberation to reach a nuanced decision. This admission was meant to make Obama appear as a studious deep thinker carefully reflecting on a given situation and not rushing to a flawed judgment in an implicit nod to his predecessor.

In reality, Obama’s deliberative nature betrays his lack of preparedness as he has to take the time to not only study up on the particulars of the crisis demanding his attention, but also the political ramifications of any course of action. This means delving into the history of the situation and reviewing the results of decisions made by past leaders. This political unpreparedness adds precious time to the decision-making process that often is the cause for lost opportunities.

It has been widely reported that Obama has retreated to the comfort of his inner sanctum of advisors with Valerie Jarrett being his most sought after dispenser of advice. When a crisis erupts, Obama must first consult with Jarrett, and then his other core advisors before getting comfortable with the fact that he must reach outside this limited knowledge base to obtain the expertise required to properly deal with the particular situation. Valarie Jarrett knows nothing about offshore oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico or tsunamis destroying nuclear reactors in Japan, but she does know how to play the political angles each situation presents.

What is needed in a leader is the ability to first reach for the experts and contain the situation through decisive decision making, and then deal with the political fallout after the situation is under control. Leading from behind may have a nice ring to the spinmeisters, but Americans instantly see that as another label for indecisiveness. Visions of Jimmy Carter wringing his hands over high interest rates, high unemployment, and Iranian hostages instantly leap to mind. Americans instinctively realize there is no new formula for leadership. We make decisions everyday that have long-term consequences for our businesses, our jobs, and our families. We don’t have the luxury of waiting for the decision to be made for us, and neither does the president. His decisions are especially important for America’s continued survival in the defense realm and thriving in the economic realm.

When no solution presents itself and Obama has reached the end of his ability to reach for outside help, he retreats to the radical progressive socialist ideology that he has been saturated in his entire life. It’s easy to believe that Keynesianism is a viable economic policy when one sees FDR elected to four terms as president. Obama lacks the depth to realize that many factors were at work in keeping FDR in office so long including continued economic fears and WWII looming on the horizon. Henry Morgenthau, FDR’s Treasury Secretary, proclaimed that FDR’s massive Keynesian approach to stimulate the economy was a complete failure and only served to prolong the Great Depression.

Obama’s was schooled in the Saul Alinsky tactics of community organizing and his entire background has been associated with being out of power and utilizing tactics to gain power. Community organizing is a polite way of describing social agitation for change and is only practiced by those with no power and no viable agenda other than wanting something for nothing. Somehow, the planets aligned and Obama found himself the leader of the free world with all the power at his disposal that the position of President of the United States entails. Obama has suddenly gone from opposing “the man” to being “the man.” It was a lot simpler to be in the opposition because he didn’t have to present a viable alternative to the status quo; he just had to oppose everything. Now he finds that mere opposition isn’t enough and that people expect him to provide an alternative.

With the Henry Louis Gates episode, Obama learned quickly not to open his mouth as was his custom to comment on every social issue that cropped up. He was quickly exposed as being particularly non-deliberative in reverting to his stereotypical everything-is-racism attitude towards the situation. He shot from the hip and got shot down, offering a lame beer summit to pacify all involved. Being president requires one to relinquish the old familiarity and learn discipline in thought, speech, and manner.

Make no mistake; Obama is still maliciously pursuing the radical progressive socialist agenda that Democrats have adopted as their own anytime the opportunity presents itself. But, as a narcissist of the highest order, Obama has a driving need to be perceived as perfect and will advance his diabolical agenda only when he is certain that it will be hailed as the only correct course of action. He has learned to patiently lay the groundwork for his agenda before launching initiatives. Still, unexpected events crop up at the most inconvenient times and must be dealt with in a time-sensitive manner. With no time to prepare a progressive approach and no experience to handle an unexpected crisis, Obama retreats to a dangerous waiting game in the expectation that events will shift subtly enough to provide a clear path forward. This approach is dangerous in that time is not always available and time wasted means opportunities wasted. Deliberate indecision and leading from behind have proven to be losing strategies.

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