The Price of Failure

It comes as no surprise that the deficit reduction Super Committee failed to reduce the deficit, especially in light of the fact that it was a subset of the same Congress which has consistently failed to reduce the deficit. We Americans are about to learn the price of this failure. 

Faced with the prospect of being forced to make unpalatable choices, Congress did what it does best by creating a straw man committee to take the heat from voters. Everyone agrees that the federal government is engaged on a spending curve that is simply unsustainable, and that this situation must be rectified immediately if America is to avoid an economic crisis such as the one staring Europeans in the face. The difference arises in the approach and attitude each side takes in resolving this disparate situation.

Not surprisingly, Democrats have launched a class warfare strategy from their time-tested bag of tricks by declaring that millionaires aren’t paying their fair share, whatever that is, and tax hikes are needed in their enhanced revenue approach to eliminating the deficit. To Democrats, every crisis can be solved with just a little more tax revenue. Never mind the fact that the economy has been in the toilet for two years and Americans are tapped out from being unemployed as Democrats just don’t see the folly of this thinking. Democrats could hike taxes to 100%, but the unemployed who have exhausted their benefits will still pay nothing while the ultra rich will simply relocate or shelter their earnings in ways not available to the rest of us. The net result will be a decrease in collected revenues as the economy sinks further from the weight of additional Democrat oppression.

Republicans favor lowering tax rates and easing onerous federal regulations in a bid to turn the economy around, get Americans back to work, and let the magic of a thriving economy increase tax receipts. Even though this strategy has been shown to work numerous times, most vividly with Ronald Reagan’s supply side tax cuts in the 1980s, Democrats continue to viciously malign it as antithetical to their strategy of creating a dependent class of Americans beholden to them for goodies. Americans have watched the economy steadily worsen over the last two years as President Obama’s radical progressive socialist policies continue to stifle economic activity. Obama continues to double down on his belief that Keynesian policies offer the cure for our economy despite their utter failure to work in previous attempts and their ultimate prolonging of the Great Depression during the 1930s.

The deficit reduction Super Committee was never seriously expected to succeed due to the hyper partisan atmosphere in American politics. Despite all of the hand wringing from those who lament the days when members could reach across the aisle and compromise on the pressing issues of the day, partisanship is not the evil Democrats portray it to be. To Democrats, compromise by Republicans to the Democrat position is to be lauded and extolled as a virtue while any suggestion of compromise on the part of Democrats is met with shrill warnings of Washington’s hyper partisanship.

Democrats have demonstrated numerous times over the last several years that they have absolutely no interest in deficit reduction through spending cuts and are prepared to fight to the political death to protect the entitlement spending they have so carefully constructed over the last sixty years. They care not one whit that their profligate spending has brought America to the brink of economic collapse. They care only for the votes to be gained from Americans interested in protecting their dependence on government programs. Partisan gridlock is a welcome event when it prevents Congress from further raising our taxes or increasing our regulatory burdens. Government bureaucrats at the EPA and DOE certainly need no help from Congress in producing burdensome regulations.

The Super Committee failure reflects a philosophical divide concerning America’s future direction. Is America to be the free country it was envisioned to be by our Founding Fathers in their bid to separate from Great Britain and determine their own destiny? Or, is it to become a country dominated by special interest groups dependent upon the federal government to bless them with its favor as an elitist ruling class exerts itself over a servile populace? This is the fundamental question facing Americans as they head to the polls in 2012 to decide the future direction of our country.

No legislative gimmick can resolve this dilemma. Only Americans with a clear understanding of exactly what’s at stake voting in free and fair elections can possibly make this decision. The price of failure is the loss of the America in which we grew up. We will watch our way of life disappear forever as America slides into irrelevance and joins the long list of empires relegated to the dustbin of history. Oh, we’ll continue to deny reality for a time as it won’t be readily apparent that we’re a country in decline, but little signs will appear in the form of snubs from supposedly lesser countries which no longer either fear us or feel they own us homage. Then, one day an event will transpire that shocks us into the reality that we’ve become a shadow of our former selves. Decline and irrelevance as a country on the world stage are the price of this failure to address our current situation.

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