Anarchy Appeasement

City officials sympathetic to the Occupy Wall Street Astroturf groups are reaping the bitter harvest of appeasing anarchists bent on wanton destruction and unable to even articulate a coherent message regarding their goals. 

The Occupy Wall Street group was fabricated out of thin air by David Axelrod, funded by George Soros, and exported as a movement to cities across the country in a bid to convince Americans that unrest is endemic in a pushback against the Tea Party movement. Protesters’ inability to coherently articulate reasons or goals for their demonstration was a sure indicator of their Astroturf status. It has come to light that most of the core demonstrators were paid either directly to participate in the OWS demonstration or indirectly as part of their duties in Soros-funded left-wing organizations. In an oversight of epic proportions, no one thought to supply the protesters with talking points for the inevitable media coverage their lackeys have been all too happy to supply.

Ignoring the history of appeasement and tacitly supporting Obama’s agenda, mayors of major cities agreed to allow the illegal protests to set up camp in public spaces without requiring permits needed by any other group to stage events. All too predictably, the protests quickly devolved into lawless chaos involving theft of property, sexual assaults on naïve coeds, and several murders. This is in addition to unsanitary conditions involving garbage, human feces, and streams of urine. Business owners in close proximity to the chaotic masses have complained vociferously about the effect that their generally rude behavior has contributed to lost business. Demonstrators have demanded free goods and services from surrounding businesses and generally made nuisances of themselves.

A cursory scan of history reveals the fact that appeasement is a flawed policy that never achieves its intended objective of allowing the appeaser to remain unscathed. City officials allowed the protests with the idea that they would last a couple of days before demonstrators tired and went home. There was little stomach for dispersing the groups and risking the appearance of being compared to heavy-handed bureaucrats oppressing peaceful protesters. However, now that the situation has deteriorated into lawlessness and Americans have turned against the movement, these same city officials are quickly moving to extinguish the chaos and clear out the protest camps. Irate taxpayers are realizing that they are on the hook to pay for cleaning up and repairing their public spaces that spoiled youth have destroyed demanding free stuff from society.

OWS protesters in Portland, Oregon constructed makeshift barricades and fought with police attempting to evict them from their encampment. This attitude has prevailed at several other OWS sites. City officials are realizing that they should never have allowed the OWS crowd to establish a beachhead from which to resist the imposition of authority. Emboldened OWS protesters are taking advantage of the fecklessness of city officials cowed by their histrionics and fabricated moral authority. Eviction of the OWS crowd will require a much greater effort than prevention of their aims and guarantee intense negative media coverage in the process.

Mayors and city councilmen realize that they are beholden to local voters despite the negative national media coverage their crackdowns will incur. Local businesses and voters do not tolerate lawless and chaotic behavior no matter what the cause. Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago was castigated in the media for his crackdown on the protesters at the 1968 Democrat Convention, but was reelected by Chicago voters approving of his actions. Richard Nixon campaigned successfully in 1968 on a law and order platform committed to restoring order from anti-war protesters who were crossing the line from peaceful protests to terrorist anarchy.

Americans have become much more sophisticated at spotting political fronts and the OWS fraud was caught on to coming out of the gate. The radical progressive socialist left has been desperate to counter the growing influence of the Tea Party movement among voters shocked to see the sorry state of our country and the Obama Administration’s negative effect on the situation. Tapping into their vast network of Soros-funded liberal front groups, the idea was hatched by David Axelrod to create a spontaneous movement of disaffected youth protesting Wall Street greed and various other amorphous ideas held in high disregard by liberals. Their fatal flaw was in not preparing a list of coherent talking points for the protesters to feed back to the media during the requisite interviews. Protesters did a great job of hysterically wailing and acting morally indignant, but were as stumped as Rick Perry in a debate when asked to explain why they were protesting. The more nimble elucidated various reasons, but none that were consistent.

Americans caught on to the OWS charade, but city officials were blinded by a combination of complicity to Obama’s reelection effort and fear of negative repercussions. Much like Penn State University, these officials are learning that complicity with those who harbor evil intentions carries a much greater risk than an initial confrontation to stop bad behavior before it has a chance to become institutionalized. Appeasement carries a high price, and anarchists are always willing to take all they can get from those without the stomach to confront them at the earliest opportunity.

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