Pro-Choice Hypocrisy

In a display of profound pro-choice hypocrisy, the same liberals who adamantly insist that it’s a woman’s right to choose when it comes to abortion and ending a human life, also insist that the government has the right to prevent Americans from choosing to smoke or eat as they please. 

It is no secret to conservatives that the radical progressive left is bent on controlling the lives of Americans in minute detail under the guises of fairness and seeking our best interests. In other words, they want to mother us to death with rules and regulations designed to eliminate all traces of risk in our lives, along with any excitement and zest for life. The elitist opinion displayed by the left regards Americans as incapable of making what they deem as correct lifestyle choices, thus placing the burden of caring for us great unwashed masses in their hands burdened with the responsibility of being born elite.

It’s one thing for Michelle Obama to encourage healthy eating and physical exercise for children, and quite another for busybody Mayor Bloomberg to criminalize the use of salt because it is suspected of contributing to heart disease. Mind you I said suspected because the complexity of human body chemistry is such that conclusive proof is elusive, especially as effects vary to such a wide degree between people. Proverbs counsels moderation in all things, and this seems to be the wisest course of action ever articulated as applied to lifestyle choices.

In their quest for control of our lives, the left invariably returns to the theme of societal costs when regulating American behavior by pointing out that government is saddled with the costs of subsidizing unhealthy lifestyles, even though government took on the burden of health care costs knowing full well the choices Americans make. The is a straw man argument easily deflected by suggesting that government should stop paying for health care altogether if they are not happy with the costs. No, the left assumed a burden that they seek to contain through a combination of control of our lives and control of payments to the medical system.

Any suggestion by Conservatives to regulate the practice of abortion in an effort to either reduce the number of abortion performed or increase the safety of the procedure through increased licensing and facility inspection and regulation is met with derisive howls from the left indicative of the end of life as we know it, which is pretty much the case with abortion anyway, so pun intended. However, these same self-serving pro-choice elitists have the gall to turn around and impose their draconian regulatory ideas on our lifestyle choices because they may increase future medical costs. They conveniently forget to mention that they favor taxpayer subsidized abortions because poor women might not be able to fully avail themselves of their right to choose if money is an object, and it always is.

So, always with our best interests at heart, mother liberals insist we have access to taxpayer funded abortions while avoided smoking, salt, fat, being overweight, riding a bicycle without a helmet, or engaging in any activity likely to increase the strain on an already overtaxed medical system and unsustainable government funding. Aren’t we all just happy little robots now? No need for that tiresome freedom and individual responsibility. We’ll take care of everything. After all, you deserve it.

But, what about all of us who aren’t prepared to roll over and cede control of our lives to a government who promises everything while delivering nothing? Well, we’ll just pass some laws to force you to comply with our designs until you give up and realize the folly of your idealistic thinking. But, there’s no conclusive proof that salt causes heart disease or man causes global warming. You idiot, by the time we wait around to get conclusive proof, it’ll be too late and we’ll all be dead. But, what if you’re wrong? We will have wasted our freedom and our financial resources for nothing. But, what if we’re right? Then it will be too late and we’ll all be dead. But, we’re all going to die anyway, so we might as well be free.

It all boils down to the fact that risk can’t be eliminated from life, and life is too short to cede its control to others for the sake of an illusionary security. We’ve got to force the government to stop mothering us to death and accept that risk is part of life. Without risk, there is no reward. The radical progressive left seeks to control our lives through government regulation and government financial support. It’s time for the government to stop treating us like children and start treating us as adults.

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