The Party of Parasites

The Democrat Party has sold its soul to the entitlement mentality of redistributive politics and become the Party of Parasites in a flawed misunderstanding of the social compact they label as social justice. 

The progressive liberal cabal known as the Democrat Party has so completely gone off the deep end that their inane beliefs can no longer be classified as policies. A policy is a well-thought-out response to a genuine problem that seeks to redress the problem with a minimum of expenditure to society. Democrats have been reduced to ridiculous utterances concerning the unfairness of corporate jets, high salaries, and just the unfairness of everything. None of which can be remotely mistaken as a policy. This has been demonstrated by their refusal or inability to produce a budget in the last two years, and their insistence during the debt ceiling argument that some people just make too much money. The numbers don’t support their objectives, so they just stopped dealing with numbers.

The one overarching theme of the progressive liberals is that those who earn their own way somehow owe those who opt to let the government supply their needs. We’re told that it’s unfair that someone should be able to ride around in a corporate jet when there are people going to bed hungry in the land of plenty. I learned at an early age that life wasn’t fair and never would be, but progressives seemed to have been spared that lesson in life. Progressives can only play on emotions as their appeals quickly lose merit when subjected to logical analysis involving numbers. It all sounds unfair until one realizes that the corporate jet passenger heads a multinational conglomerate responsible for employing hundreds of thousands of workers who are able to feed their families because of the jobs provided by that company. Progressives tell us profit is evil and rooted in greed, but in reality, profit is a measure of increased efficiency in the production of goods.

Progressives, and therefore Democrats, never give a thought to the entrepreneurs who suffered through failure and bankruptcy before discovering the magic formula that led to their success and riches. Not all successful people are born into wealth, unlike many Democrats such as the Kennedys and Rockefellers. It’s easier for them to feel that they don’t pay enough in taxes because they don’t earn anything. Their wealth was handed to them and they only had to worry about inheritance taxes, which Warren Buffet’s company is only too happy to shield for a profit. They have access to complex tax shelters the rest of us could never afford. However, if they truly feel like they’re not paying enough in taxes, there’s no law preventing them from paying more. They never seem to volunteer any extra “revenue” to the government at tax time.

No, they prefer to take from those who sweat it out each month to make a payroll and give the money to those who neither work nor vote. Most recipients of government largesse never bother to register to vote because that obligates them to serve on jury duty since jury rolls are composed of registered voters. This means that progressives are further wasting our money by giving it people who can’t even vote for them! Then, progressives have the gall to tell small business owners that they aren’t paying their fair share when it’s all they can do to remain afloat. Finally, after heaping increased taxes and regulations upon businesses, they have Obama trash talking capitalism into the ground as the most unfair system ever invented. It’s not surprising that corporate America has shrugged and is withholding its capital until Obama and his progressive cabal is run out of Washington on a rail.

A parasite is an organism that lives entirely off of its host without contributing anything to the host’s survival; an apt description of Democrats if ever there was one. The one sticking point in the debt ceiling argument was Obama’s insistence on raising taxes to fund his spending spree of $5 trillion since taking office. Obama has hammered on the class warfare theme to the point that Americans are tuning him out as they see his failed policies for what they are worth in the form of increased unemployment, a stagnant and declining economy, and decreased standing around the world. Obama is actually worse than Jimmy Carter because he is actively working to make the situation worse. Carter was just inept and clueless in the face of crisis, while Obama is adding water to a sinking ship. Even as the European Union teeters on the brink of disintegration through unsustainable entitlement spending, Obama seeks to increase entitlement spending in America.

Obama has achieved the dubious distinction of being the president who presided over the loss of America’s AAA credit rating. His administration is spinning this event as something they expected and that the decision was arrived at using flawed data (read the credit rating agencies refused to believe our overly rosy fiscal projections and relied on real world data). No matter how it’s spun, this is a significant and astounding milestone indicating the success at which Obama and the progressives have managed to ruin America in their quest to transform this country into their very own socialist paradise with entitlements and social justice for all.

Progressive liberals decry stereotypes at every opportunity, unless they are applied to conservatives, at which point they wholeheartedly endorse whatever untrue conservative stereotype happens to be in use. The tax-and-spend-Democrats stereotype aptly describes the behavior of the progressive liberal crowd today more than ever. Conservatives have managed so far to deny progressives the ability to raise taxes, but have been powerless to staunch their ravenous spending appetite as evidenced in Obama’s $5 trillion spending spree. The bill is coming due and the markets and credit ratings agencies are all too aware of its arrival. America’s credit rating was downgraded not because of the difficulty in reaching an agreement to raise the debt ceiling, but rather the inability to sufficiently restrain the federal spending appetite. The market dropped because traders and investors see America headed for the same fate as Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Spain, and now Italy as their troubled economies can no longer keep up with their egregious spending.

Despite all of the feel good talk coming out of the Obama administration, America’s economy is in a mess and continues to slide ever downward. Increased taxes will only accelerate this downward spiral and Americans realize this fact. Progressives fail to grasp that increased taxes don’t mean increased revenues due to the fact that tax increases slow the economy and decrease the amount subject to taxes. Just as a rising tide lifts all boats, so too does a falling tide lower all boats.

The debt ceiling debate was an argument centered on the direction America would take in the future. The progressive liberals under Obama, Reid, and Pelosi want to increase taxes and transform America into a socialist entitlement state despite the evidence of its doomed failure coming from Europe. Conservatives under the Tea Party banner want to return America to more prosperous times through massive spending decreases, lower taxes, less regulation, and more individual responsibility. Americans have witnessed the progressive plan in action over the last three years as the situation has steadily worsened, and they are deserting the progressives in droves. Will it be enough to defeat Obama in 2012? We certainly hope so, but we also hope it’s not too late to save our country.

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One Response to The Party of Parasites

  1. wascator says:

    Great one. People don’t understand what prifit means: it means that a person, business, or huge corporation, produces more value than it uses.
    Who could live if they produced less than they used? there would be no food, nothing.
    People/business/corporation who produces things people want and need, mroe efficiently, make more profit.
    Everything sells for what the buyer agrees it’s worth: it’s value.
    Value is pretty-much independent of what it cost to produce. if you inherit a car from Aunt Salley,for example, and want to sell it because you don’t need it, the fact that you got it free has no relation to what it’s worth: the value is simply what someone is willing to pay for it, what it’s worth to them.
    Companies which add the value the buyer wants, at the lower cost, makes more profit.
    Profit is not evil.
    Politicians who lie to people to get what they want (power) are evil.
    Why do people trust government but not business? you can get your money back, or stay away from a business. You cannot stay away from the government. Government has agendas, too, and you gotta watch them, because government types always think they’re right, because, well, they’re the government.

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