Political Whores

The tortured debate over raising the debt limit has Washington’s political whores on full display wringing their hands trying to protect their phony baloney jobs.

The injection of Tea Party freshmen into the cozy Washington scene is upsetting a lot of apple carts. The go-along-to-get-along Republican establishment is aghast at the nerve of these upstarts in actually keeping their promises to constituents to shake up business as usual in the Capitol. The progressive liberal Democrats are scared to death of the Tea Party; displaying their fear in ludicrous rants equating the debate with a desperate fight to protect life as we know it and save the world from the Republican budget. Talk about your over-the-top rants. This one takes the cake for reeking of desperation.

Exactly when did America get to the point that the thought of living within its means and paying its bills became radical? America’s political class has been seduced into believing that no federal program can ever achieve its mission and therefore, can never be cut or eliminated. By this logic, Washington can only grow larger and larger until it collapses in on itself one day in the future. Democrats have drawn a line in the sand and declared that absolutely no cuts whatsoever can be tolerated as they engage in their usual tricks of scare tactics, playing the race card, and stoking the fires of class warfare. Except, this time their tried-and-true tricks are not having the desired effect. They’ve lost their potency on a populace who’ve stared into the fiscal abyss and realized that everyone will be going down on this sinking ship.

Many are resigned to the gloomy fact that all hope is lost and nothing can be done to restore America to its former glory, especially under the progressive triumvirate of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid aided and abetted by establishment Republicans like Boehner who plead for bipartisanship and compromise. Bipartisanship and compromise: words that have become to Tea Party members poisonous code for RINO rollover acts. Boehner lost credibility with the Tea Party when he sold us down the river after the election with his deceptive deal to end the series of Continuing Resolution stopgaps with a promise to cut $100 billion in discretionary spending that morphed into a $3 billion cut of no significance. Naïve Tea Party freshmen who took Boehner at his word back then have grown up in a hurry and refuse to believe that his bill to raise the debt limit is the best that can be done.

Just what is so radical about the Tea Party position that demands America stop spending like a spoiled socialite? (The drunken sailor metaphor, while an apt description, has lost its cleverness through overuse.) Is there no program Democrats would concede to cut? Not likely. Still, there are those who express the hope that America can recover once Obama is pushed out in 2012 and the madness is stopped. This discounts the damage Obama and his progressive minions have been unleashing upon the country through regulatory acts and administrative rules that have been sprinkled liberally throughout the federal register surreptitiously. Only time will tell if these things come to pass and the will to recover is demonstrated in sufficient manner.

Meanwhile, the political whores in Washington continue to wring their hands in the belief that Tea Party members are destroying their perfectly constructed system, which of course, they are. Americans have tuned out Obama as they’ve caught on to his utter cluelessness, and we’ve become numb to the endless series of crises that are promoted as the biggest disaster since an Irwin Allen movie. The modus operandi of the political class is to incite fear in segments of the populace while promising to ride to their rescue and keep the gravy train on the tracks. Without the Tea Party, tax increases would have been the order of the day in the new Congress to pay for Obama’s spending binge. Their presence and refusal to accede to the ways of Washington has moved the debate to the right and taken tax increases off of the table. It’s time to arrest the political whores for pandering and haul them before the judge known as the American electorate.

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