The Tipping Point

Barrack Obama has proven to be an absolute failure as a leader, actively destroying America while completely ignoring his responsibilities as president. At what point will Americans rise up to take back their country and banish the current progressive liberal crowd in power?

History is rife with tipping points in which some seemingly insignificant event triggers a massive response to an unsustainable situation. The mighty city of Rome was sacked by the Vandals in 455 AD in response to the broken vows of an arranged marriage designed to strengthen the alliance between Rome and the Vandals. The American Revolution began in earnest with the Battle of Lexington on April 19, 1775 in which British Army regulars skirmished with the local militia. More recently, the Tea Party movement began with CNBC business reporter Rick Santelli’s rant on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile on February 19, 2009 in which he lashed out at the government for “promoting bad behavior.” These minor events were preceded by years and even decades of progressively worsening conditions that contributed to the growing frustration with the status quo. In our current situation, what minor event will trigger the massive pent-up frustration Americans share over their inability to influence events in Washington and express their outrage over government actions they feel betray the very Constitution that this country was founded upon?

Obama’s laziness as a leader has been amply demonstrated through his constant deference to the congressional leadership under Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to craft the actual legislation for his own initiatives such as the failed stimulus plan and his government takeover of the medical industry derisively known as ObamaCare. We have again been reminded of his penchant for sloth through his unwillingness to present any plan whatsoever to deal with the debt ceiling crisis of his manufacture. The only thing able to rouse Obama to action is an appearance before adoring crowds at staged events where he belittles the accomplishments of the opposition through carefully scripted telepromted speeches. Obama cares nothing for the responsibilities of office, while preferring to enjoy the trappings of office.

At the same time, Obama takes every opportunity to indulge his narcissistic side by denigrating world leaders he disdains while pandering to the worst elements of world leadership in a contrived, mandarin style of obsequiousness designed to present him as a learned multiculturalist while humiliating the home country of which he is ashamed. He displays a haughty I-know-best attitude when dealing with those who dare question his wisdom, and becomes prickly all too easily when cornered. He foisted the failed Keynesian economic policies of past progressive administrations upon the country through a series of crises he largely created and which he insisted spelled the immediate doom of America unless immediate action was taken.

Since Obama’s inauguration, Americans have lurched from one crisis to the next until a surreal despondency has descended upon the country as citizens have become numbed to shock of yet another crisis threatening our way of life. We live under the feeling that there’s always another crisis while displaying a “so what?” attitude. We’ve watched America suffer the indignity of a loss of respect as Obama has bowed and scrapped and apologized his way around the world for an exceptionalism of which we are justly proud and of which we refuse to be ashamed. We’ve gritted our teeth as we’ve suffered through his lecturing of a shifting intolerance that has failed to neither materialize nor display any outward signs of even existing, yet seems to be the root of whatever failed policy he’s pushing at the moment.

We must be vigilant to document the minor event that precipitates the uprising of Americans against this charlatan so as to give it its proper place in history. Will it be an inconvenience foisted on Americans under the guise of security that proves to be over the top? Perhaps it will be another deadly terrorist attack that puts the lie to promises of security in the face of indignities already suffered. It could come in the form of a challenge to Obama from an ordinary citizen who asks a common sense question he is unable to answer. Whatever form it takes, it will certainly be an unexpected surprise that will appear obvious from the vantage point of history.

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