Crisis Definition

The same Chicken Little Democrats who supported the Global Warming hoax with calls for sweeping action that couldn’t wait for independent confirmation are strangely silent when it comes to the demonstrable and certain bankruptcy of Social Security in the near future. 

The rush by progressives to enact global warming legislation despite warnings that the science was not understood was overwhelming a couple of years ago. United Nations’ summits were convened and reports detailing massive catastrophes stemming from the extrapolations of unproven global warming theories were pointed to as the impetus to get in front of this situation and do something, even if it meant destroying our way of life to save our threatened planet. Any scientist pointing out the obvious fact that all of the global warming theories were unproven and referring to evidence showing conflicting outcomes were derided as kooks and outcasts on the fringes of science and not to be taken seriously. Politicians rushed to embrace Cap-and-Trade legislation to reduce global carbon dioxide emissions despite the fact that most of these emissions occur naturally as exhaled breath from humans and other animals. Any calls for sanity and patience in awaiting more conclusive scientific evidence were met with howls from the progressive liberal cabal intent on expanding government power on the flimsiest of scientific pretences.

Fortunately for us, this massive power grabbing hoax was exposed for the world to see in the nick of time with the release of the Climate Gate emails that demonstrated the falsification of scientific data to prop up the unsupportable claims of the global warming alarmists. In a matter of weeks, the global warming threat disappeared and life resumed as normal with science suffering as the victim from the massive con perpetrated in its name.

Contrast that fear-mongering rush to action with the attitude by those same Democrats who merely shrug their shoulders when presented with evidence that the Social Security Trust Fund responsible for funding massive American entitlements is unsustainable in its current form and will be broke in a few short years. Democrats deny this reality and assure us that everything is fine as they go merrily on their way. Any attempt by Republicans to address this dire situation is met with derisive Mediscare tactics designed to frighten the elderly into supporting Democrats. The recently released 2011 Medicare Trust Fund Report concluded that Medicare was in danger of being “unable to pay promised benefits beginning in 2024, five years earlier than previously thought.” This evaluation comes from Medicare’s own Trustees who are responsible for adding up the numbers and making the projection of future solvency.

Progressive Democrats eager to destroy the American energy industry, and the American economy along with it, on the whims of junk science fabricating distant projections of fantasy can’t be bothered with reports of Medicare insolvency right around the corner. Why might that be so? Could it be that the Medicare Ponzi scheme was enacted by Democrats expanding their power during the Great Depression and thus can’t be recognized for the failure that it will soon be? Could it also be the case that global warming was a crisis manufactured to grab power that wasn’t fully engaged before it fell apart, hence the rush to enact legislation? As Sarah Palin would say “You Betcha!”

You see, progressive Democrats already proudly own Medicare and loudly trumpet its benefits to the elderly anytime the opposition attempts to enact reform. They can’t afford to have Medicare appear as an albatross that can’t possibly deliver the promises made to workers on its behalf. They need voters believing in its sustainability so they can continue to milk votes and remain in power. They push the can down the road waiting for the opportunity to enact reform in a way that makes Republicans appear to be to blame for Medicare’s inability to deliver on their promises. It won’t matter that Republicans have sounded the alarm over Medicare’s finances for years. They’ll get the blame for destroying a uniquely American institution designed as a social safety net for retired workers. Never mind the fact that none of the narrative will be true; it will pull at the heartstrings and be effective none the less.

As for global warming, well, they almost pulled it off to gain complete control over the energy industry. They would have had the power to dictate every iota of industrial and commercial policy, on a scale commiserate with their expanded definition of the Commerce Clause in the Constitution. Just about everything requires power in some form and would have been subject to federal interference. They will fall back to their tried and true method of pursuing this power through the courts that progressives have packed with like-minded acolytes for years.

The rush to enact global warming legislation based on junk science was precipitated by a need to accomplish the task before discovery of its fraudulent underpinnings. The nonchalant attitude towards Medicare insolvency is precipitated on the secure knowledge of its intractability and awaits the opportune moment when it can be reformed at the opposition’s expense.

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