The Politics of Destruction

We find ourselves in the unusual situation of simultaneously witnessing riots in the Middle East for political change and riots in the Midwest for political preservation. While appearing vastly different on the surface, at the heart of both situations rests the politics of destruction.

In a move that caught everyone by surprise, Tunisian riots that led to the ouster of longtime President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali suddenly spread like wildfire across the Middle East, engulfing Egypt, Algeria, Yemen, Libya, Jordan, Pakistan, and Bahrain. Stirrings of unrest have also affected Syria and Iraq as unemployment, food inflation, corruption, lack of political freedom, and poor living conditions have left the people with little to lose in a desperate bid to overthrow the established order in the hopes of improving their miserable lots in life.

Contrast that situation to the one playing out in America’s Midwest where Wisconsin, Indiana, and Tennessee are debating various measures to curtail union power that has overreached at the expense of state budgets and employment prospects. Angry union mobs have descended on Wisconsin’s state Assembly to protest Governor Scott Walker’s proposed bill to eliminate public union collective bargaining and increase public worker contributions to generous retirement and health plans in a bid to reduce a projected $3.6 billion state budget shortfall. In protest and to prevent a vote on the measure, the state’s entire contingent of Democrat senators fled to Illinois to prevent a vote on the measure in the upper chamber.

In one case you have hopeless people rising up against entrenched autocratic regimes to demand changes that hopefully improve their condition, while in the other case you have entrenched autocratic bureaucrats rising up to demand preservation of their job security and generous benefits against taxpayers mired in unemployment who are losing hope that their economic conditions will improve. Now comes word that the unions behind the Midwest uprisings may also be behind the Middle East uprisings in a carefully orchestrated plot by progressives to destabilize that region in a manner similar to their destabilization of America.

The problem with grievance politics of the sort practiced by labor, blacks, feminists, gays, and other Democrat grievance constituencies is the constantly redefined goals of each group. These shifting goals move achievement further down the road in an attempt to retain organizations that long ago ceased to be relevant to their original missions to eliminate real injustices. In the case of unions, they nevertheless provide employment to those more interested in wielding power than working on a jobsite. Union membership in the private sector has steadily declined over the last several decades while exploding in the public sector as politicians traded union benefits for votes to remain in their comfortable jobs.

Now, we’re told that nothing can be cut from bloated and unsustainable budgets and it’s unfair to cut the hard won benefits of poor public servants who only want to serve. These myths are perpetuated despite the fact that public sector workers now earn on average 1.5 times their private counterparts with the inclusion of more generous retirement and health benefits while not facing the threat of unemployment that is currently devastating America’s middle class.

Middle Eastern autocracies supported by America have committed atrocities against their own people and should be accountable, but many of these regimes such as Mubarak in Egypt were the only force standing between radical Islamic terrorists such as the Muslim Brotherhood and state control. American administrations have promoted democracy in the Middle East without properly considering the possibility that radical Islamic terrorist groups might be elected to power like Hamas in Gaza. The thinking that “oh, they’ll never do that” is the same thinking that was pervasive on September 10, 2001 in connection to Islamic terrorist suicide missions using airliners as guided missiles, and will lead to similar tragic results.

Currently, we fear that Iran, led by radical Islamic elements, will develop nuclear weapons and change the balance of power as groups with an overt hatred of Israel and America will possess weapons of mass destruction. Our options will be even more severely limited if several Middle East countries elect radical regimes that then cooperate to oppose Israel and America in nuclear weapons development, energy production, and conventional containment. When we oppose the selection of these radical terrorist regimes, they will retort that they were democratically elected just as America has always desired.

This, my friends, is the politics of America’s destruction by Democrat grievance constituencies from within and radical Islamic terrorist groups from without. A one-two sucker punch in which public sector unions destroy our economy through bloated and unsustainable budgets that weaken our defense capabilities, while radical Islamic groups in state control conspire to force us to dump Israel for access to their energy on which we’ve become dependent despite our vast reserves with the looming threat of nuclear capability lurking in the background. The Obama administration is either incompetent to prevent this (in a charitable characterization), or subtly maneuvering towards this very outcome through some dark hatred of America. When the radical progressive left achieves their goal of destroying America, where do they go from there?

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One Response to The Politics of Destruction

  1. James Willen says:

    There is a way to reach and teach
    From least to best without all the fuss.
    Round them all together and teach
    Them how to think like each other.
    Could there be anywhere
    Where such an education
    Promoted if not championed?
    Boil off the best ’til down to the rest;
    Elevate the least ’til what’s left:
    A hell of a high school mess …
    Unless, of course, union blessed.

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