Labor Learns the Hard Way

Details about the generous pay and benefits packages enjoyed by public sector union members being exposed by alternative media have caught the attention of private sector union members who are starting to envy their public sector brothers’ expanding benefits while watching their own benefits shrink. Private sector unions are finding it hard to support a group who demands tax increases to protect their benefits at the expense of employers forced to cut back on union labor just to remain in business during this recession.

Blue collar union workers sitting around the union hall are realizing that the generous benefits enjoyed by the public sector unions are leaving less money for state governments to invest in the construction jobs they depend on to make a living. They see themselves worrying about work while their public sector brothers sail along without a care. It’s hard for a construction worker who works all day out in the elements to have any sympathy for a government worker making more money to sit in a cozy office and push paperwork.

Democrats have taught a generation to view the world through class envy, so it’s only natural that their union supporters would apply this mindset to their situation. This recession has thrown millions of Americans out of work including the non-union white collar workers usually identified as the oppressors of union laborers. The only group not sweating the recession is the public sector unions whose jobs and benefits are secure. On top of this, these blue collar union workers are paying taxes from their pockets to support the lavish benefits and higher pay enjoyed by their brothers in the public sector who don’t seem that interested in helping their poor blue collar cousins.

This situation presents a perfect opportunity for Republicans to exploit a natural division between private and public sector unions in their drive to regain control over government spending. Private sector unions resent the ease with which public sector unions have weathered this recession and are ready to see them suffer some to show their solidarity. Republicans should be exploiting this natural wedge issue to rebuild the blue collar bloc of Reagan Democrats who resent unfairness and are increasingly seeing that unfairness manifested by the public sector unions.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is fighting the entrenched public sector unions choking his state and is finding traction among citizens tired of seeing their hard earned money supporting arrogant state employees. Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels turned around the fortunes of his ailing state by decertifying the public sector unions and restoring sanity to the state’s budget. New York and California have been totally bankrupted by public sector unions whose only thoughts are of themselves and not the destruction they are bringing to the budgets of their states.

Private sector union members are realizing the hard way that generous pay and benefits mean nothing if you are sitting in the union hall waiting for work. All the time on their hands that this recession has provided has allowed them the opportunity to observe the carefree public sector union members chanting for higher taxes to support the lifestyles to which they feel they are entitled and to which they have grown accustomed.

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