Death of Liberal Media

Liberal media continues to spew its hatred as the public turns to alternative media to avoid the rants and get the news of the day.

Not content with being exposed as shills for Obama’s election to the presidency, big media is gearing up to support the fight to preserve Obama’s signature jobs killing health care takeover as Republicans seek to drive a stake in its heart for the benefit of the country. MSNBC, still fuming over Democrat losses from the midterms, is running a hit piece on Republican election financing in an attempt to stir up class envy among the liberal progressive base that still bothers to pay it any attention. This article makes it plain to see that MSNBC is honoring its progressive pledge to “Lean Forward” when presenting what passes for news over there.

In an ironic twist, the National Enquirer, that tabloid trash staple of the checkout line long the butt of jokes over its coverage of space aliens and celebrity gossip, has broke several stories ignored by the big media types who looked down on it with an “as if” attitude. In fact, the National Enquirer was considered for a prestigious Pulitzer Prize while liberal big media continues to suffer defections from the public. The Enquirer broke stories on affairs by John Edwards and Gary Hart that big media ignored. The National Enquirer has honed its investigative abilities while big media has coasted on its perceived credibility for far too long and lost its investigative edge.

Big media is determined to preserve its liberal bias to the bitter end, which is fast approaching. Gannett recently announced a one-week furlough of non-union workers in the first quarter due to declining revenues. Their attitude seems to be that profit is for capitalists and their mission to serve the public puts them above all of that. They will find their mission cut short when the money finally runs out.

Big media refuses to recognize the obvious truth that the public is interested in getting the straight story without the filter of liberal bias designed to shift attitudes to what they consider the proper perspective for the public’s understanding. America is a center-right country and no amount of liberal bias is going to change this fact. Americans are fiercely independent and don’t cotton to government bureaucrats telling them what to do. They work hard for their money and don’t like seeing it redistributed by government in the name of what someone else determines to be fairness.

Big media blames its decline on the Internet, but refuses to adapt to what is clearly a new business model. Advertising has always supported newspapers and television and has continued to be important in supporting Internet websites. Newspapers feared the rise of television would destroy their business, and now both fear the Internet. However, what they don’t seem to realize is that each medium offers something unique to the consumer. Newspapers allow for portable news, while television allows for news to be presented with rich graphics and video, and the Internet allows for news to be presented at the consumer’s convenience, be it time or location.

When you’re on the subway, you want a paper to read. When you’re at home, you want to see video coverage of the day’s events. When you’re interested in a story, you want to use the Internet to get more depth and perspective. What we don’t want, and no longer have to put up with, is someone telling us what conclusions we should reach or what we should think about the news. Alternative media allows us to bypass big media’s thought filters.

It’s not really about the Internet allowing consumers to bypass advertising; it’s really about the Internet allowing consumers to bypass liberal bias. We still scan the local paper’s classified ads when we’re looking for a used car; we just do it online now.

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