Baby, It’s Cold Outside

As most of the country struggles through major snowstorms, a little global warming would be appreciated right now.

The United Nations’ latest Climate Change Summit has concluded with the announcement that Japan would not extend its participation in the 1992 Kyoto Protocol. The Japanese have come around to the argument posited by the United States that sacrificing economic security in pursuit of the elusive goal of lowering carbon dioxide emissions while developing countries are granted immunity is a losing proposition.

A gathering of the world’s representatives organized by that august body, the United Nations, is held in an exotic tropical locale. The meeting is opened with a multicultural prayer to an Incan jaguar goddess. Multiple attempts are made to convince attendees that information revealing fraud in climate science methodology is merely misunderstood. Wealthy nations are implored to sacrifice their economic security for the sake of mankind by adopting draconian emissions regulations that may or may not have any effect on what may or may not be a problem caused by the actions of man. In addition, these wealthy nations are asked to transfer a sizable chunk of their wealth to developing nations in the name of fairness. Given all of this, what could possibly go wrong?

With the Japanese announcement, it appears that the veil is being lifted as the scope of climate fraud is exposed and rational thought takes hold. Those of us staring at snow out of our windows could be forgiven for wondering what these idiots are thinking. Humans are much more adaptable to a warming climate than a cooling climate. Crops grow during the summer, not the winter.

As we’re shoveling snow and sliding across the road, we can take comfort in the promise of global warming that’s just over the horizon brought to us by climate fraudsters paid for with our tax money.

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