Property RIghts & the Rule of Law

Federal government attempts to seize the VO Ranch from Cliven Bundy clearly demonstrate the erosion of property rights and the rule of law in America since their establishment in the Constitution by the Founders.  Continue reading

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Systemic Corruption

The revelation this week that Maryland Representative Elijah Cummings colluded with the IRS to target conservative groups while failing to disclose this information to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on which he sits and which has jurisdiction to investigate the improper use of the IRS to target the political enemies of the Obama administration is a monumental indicator of the systemic corruption prevalent within the Democrat Party and the Washington, DC political class itself.  Continue reading

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Progressive Republicans

The Progressive movement which is currently wreaking so much havoc on America had its origins in the Republican Party and is still endorsed by a segment of the Republican Party despite bearing little resemblance to its original inception.  Continue reading

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Stacked Deck

The progressive Democrats have stitched together a coalition of disparate voting blocs coalesced around the common theme of victimhood with a card for each to be played either to excuse their outrageous behavior, or to silence critics of their outrageous claims to victimhood.  Continue reading

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Conservative Campaign Message

Conservatives face the messaging obstacle of explaining abstract concepts that do not lend themselves well to our sound bite media culture, and we must emulate marketing agencies to creatively translate our ideas into clever taglines easily understood and remembered by voters.  Continue reading

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The Evil Empire Strikes Back

Russian President Vladimir Putin has sowed discord in the Ukraine destabilizing the political situation with his hand-picked acolyte Viktor Yanukovych installed as president, and has seized the opportunity to invade the Crimean Peninsula with designs to reabsorb it into the Russian state all while taking advantage of the weakness to which President Obama has reduced American resolve in foreign policy.  Continue reading

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Being Black Is No Excuse

President Barack Obama’s election has ushered in an age of unprecedented entitlement mentality in the black community which is especially prevalent among black politicians who took his election as a cue that the laws no longer applied to them all in stark contrast to the anticipated post racial healing white Americans were expecting as race relations are now more strained than ever.  Continue reading

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