Everything changed when the Democrats were trounced in the midterm elections in ways that are yet to be fully appreciated, but some things sadly remained the same. Continue reading

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The Hell No Party

In throwing Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu under the bus in her desperate attempt to pass the Keystone Pipeline bill to remain a viable candidate in her runoff election against Louisiana Congressman Bill Cassidy, her fellow Senate Democrats demonstrated conclusively that they are now the Hell No Party placing ideology firmly above loyalty to any of their fellow Democrat Party members. Continue reading

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Huckabee Calls Out the Establishment

Mike Huckabee issued a stern warning to the establishment GOP leadership that he fully intends to leave the Republican Party to become an independent if the GOP capitulates on the issue of gay marriage and continues to abandon social issues like the fight against abortion. Continue reading

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2014 Midterm Strategy

TEA Party conservatives are fighting a two-front war with the main front against the progressive Democrats whose agenda is destroying America, and a rear-guard action against establishment Republicans enabling the progressive agenda. Continue reading

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The Presumption of Innocence

The Obama administration insists on hiding behind the presumption of innocence when it comes to the myriad scandals in which it has become engulfed, but the increasingly militarized law enforcement community continues the bizarre public theater of perp walks and prosecutorial leaks in its efforts to cast aspersions of guilt on ordinary Americans. Continue reading

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A Last Desperate Act

Facing a demoralized electorate, President Obama has resorted to the last act of a desperate Democrat Party to energize his moribund base by falsely claiming that Republicans seek his impeachment while angling to bestow upon himself the status of ultimate victimhood. Continue reading

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The Immigration Reform Scam

Americans are being scammed by both parties insisting the immigration system is broken so they can greatly increase immigration for their own nefarious ends, but Americans wise to the subterfuge of the progressive elites are pushing back as their arguments are shown to be false canards.  Continue reading

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