The Presumption of Innocence

The Obama administration insists on hiding behind the presumption of innocence when it comes to the myriad scandals in which it has become engulfed, but the increasingly militarized law enforcement community continues the bizarre public theater of perp walks and prosecutorial leaks in its efforts to cast aspersions of guilt on ordinary Americans. Continue reading

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A Last Desperate Act

Facing a demoralized electorate, President Obama has resorted to the last act of a desperate Democrat Party to energize his moribund base by falsely claiming that Republicans seek his impeachment while angling to bestow upon himself the status of ultimate victimhood. Continue reading

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The Immigration Reform Scam

Americans are being scammed by both parties insisting the immigration system is broken so they can greatly increase immigration for their own nefarious ends, but Americans wise to the subterfuge of the progressive elites are pushing back as their arguments are shown to be false canards.  Continue reading

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EPA Should Ban God

In its zeal to protect the environment and propagate the global climate warming change false narrative, the EPA should propose a rule banning God as being destructive to the environment.  Continue reading

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Conservative Clingers

Those conservatives still clinging to the GOP are merely enabling the establishment leadership to continue their tacit support of the progressive goal of government expansion.  Continue reading

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The Smoking Gun

The release of an email by the White House in which former advisor Ben Rhodes explicitly told Susan Rice to push the fabricated talking point that an obscure YouTube video critical of Islam was responsible for an attack on the Benghazi mission that resulted in the deaths of four Americans in direct conflict with the broader policy failure of the Obama administration of having al-Qaeda terrorists at the point of defeat is the smoking gun that reveals the entire administration cover up to protect President Obama’s reelection effort.  Continue reading

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Fair Weather Friends

The antithesis of the polished political class, Cliven Bundy’s provincial plainspokenness has elicited a firestorm of media criticism from conservative pundits such as Sean Hannity who were only too happy to have him on their shows to boost their ratings as conservative red meat for his role in highlighting the erosion of property rights by the federal government.  Continue reading

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